Coming soon on and TéléPlus – Kitchen Battle: The 16 selected, aged between 18 and 71, known

16 candidates have been selected to participate in this new culinary adventure launched by Défi Digital and TéléPlus, in collaboration with Tea Blenders Ltd (TBL Ltd). Whether you are a gourmet or a big foodie, Kitchen Battle is the new meeting place for fans of culinary offerings. Episodes of Kitchen Battle will soon be broadcast on the Facebook page and on the TéléPlus YouTube channel. Candidates between the ages of 18 and 71 have accepted the challenge.

There is no age to cook. Behind the stoves, they find their outlet and experience moments of pure creativity, alone or with the family. Of the hundred registered candidates, only 16 will compete in battles. They will be judged by a panel of culinary professionals, made up of chefs from the Mauritius Chefs Association.

Each contestant has their own peculiarities, but what brought them together is their love of cooking. Youngest: Cormagine Valvin, 18, a culinary arts student at Polytechnics Mauritius. His hobby is to dress up gourmet dishes. However, on the day of auditions last Sunday, he couldn’t hide his stress. His elaborate concept, combining local produce and sophistication in a seafood platter, impressed the jury. Ready for the next step, he says he’s been in the kitchen since he was 4 years old. “From the age of 10, I began to perfect myself. During the lockdown, I launched my page on social media, and this is where it all began.”

Don’t be fooled by his age! Dean Mukhtar Vasu Mordamuthu, 71, has more than one trick up his sleeve. With the fruit of the bread gratin, he was able to show the jury that he had a lot on his hands. The bait was there according to the jury members. This retired construction worker runs a snack bar, SDR, in Curepipe.

Karlin Tse is a 26-year-old food engineer. She is back after living abroad for six years. Exploring and developing dishes is now part of his daily life. For the competition, she also challenged herself to combine shrimp and chocolate. I have already visited Salon du Chocolat and the Chocolate Museum in France. That’s what arose in me a love for this product,” she says.

The chefs of the Mauritius Chefs Association were surprised by the level of the candidates.

Manum’s secret

Manome Curpen is used to cooking competitions, he took 3rd place in Radio Plus’ “Divali cakes” competition in 2020 and participated in several cooking competitions. This 56-year-old woman, who works for an NGO, had shown moussaka to the jury during the hearings. Moussaka has its secret on its own, made from a secret ingredient that even a jury had trouble discovering. “I love to cook and it’s a chance to show me what I can do,” she says.

Gilbert Fitlingom, 55, cooks for fun. This restaurant manager, who has been in the hotel industry for 30 years, told judges that he often incorporates lesser-known foods, such as “margoz” or “anguives” into his dishes for his kids to eat. He had also served an original dish: chicken with ‘margos’, gratin made of prawns and ‘bready morum’ during the trials. Combinations are unlikely to beat the jury. “I did not expect to qualify. It is a new experience. The jury asked me to work more on dressage. I will seek advice from my colleagues in the kitchen to improve my skills,” said the director.

Things will start getting serious with the next step: the fights. Candidates are now on alert. Until now, they had to serve one of their signature dishes, this time, the topics would be imposed on them by the jury members during the fights.

The event was supported by several partners, including Tea Blenders Ltd, Batimex, Cidona, Polytechnics Mauritius, Lajawab, Soap and Allied, Canal+, AB Desai, Eagle Brand, Avsar, Winner’s , Oceamer, Unanyme, Air Mauritius, Prodigal, Mauritius Chefs Association, Club Med Albion, Les Jardins de Medine, Del Spa, Krestrel Gym, Atom Travel, Luxe Boulevard Ltd, Moroil, Polytol Paints, Lemon Yellow.

Laura Sangeeleemootoo, winner of the December 2021 Best Christmas Recipe contest, qualified for the fights.

The elect are:

  • Emmanuel Lisette
  • Karlin Tse
  • Andriano Kayama
  • Gilbert Fitlingom
  • Laura Sanglimoto
  • Umair Monglo
  • Noria Sebrati
  • Soumya Baby Nadir
  • Ivani Modly Verasame
  • manum carbine
  • Catacouben elephant
  • Vaso Mordamouthoo
  • Cormagine Flavin
  • Chitrasingh Sioraj Thakuri
  • Dina Toloko
  • Develish Omru

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