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The intentions are great, but it will still be necessary to go deeper, strive more and above all to come closer to reality.

Try to convince a 10-, 11-, or 12-year-old that score and order don’t matter. You’ll have to have fun even if you ate 9 to 1 palpitations. Good luck! Try to get them to accept that we have yard ball points, baseball, soccer, school report cards, but not hockey. The idea is good, but it will never hold up. Even the most competitive kids might not care. They exist and they should also be respected. At the age of 10, Guy LaFleur, Wayne Gretzky and Marcel Dion did not care about the outcome.

Also, I understand the quick, strong and negative reaction of the school network to the recommendation to teach skateboarding in elementary school. The idea is good but, again, unrealistic. Imagine for a moment all the organization and costs involved in the travel of children and teachers to the yards, the quality of teaching must be improved and developed. Think gear for little ones whose parents are already exhausted from buying school supplies, computers, and clothes. We are in a very big country. Aller à l’aréna dans nos grandes villes, c’est une chose, mais à partir d’un petit village de la Gaspésie, de l’Abitibi, de la Côte-Nord ou du Bas-du-Fleuve, c’en est other.

The real life

Also, teaching skateboarding to young children is not easy and not all physical education teachers have the correct techniques to engage them in good development from the start. Getting on the ice with 20 6-year-olds who are just starting to skate is no easy feat. Many qualified coaches will tell you that this is impossible and unrealistic. Just put it on, put on your skate boots and your helmet will be full and that’s the reality. Know that children this age do not tie their sleds themselves.


For more than 30 years, I have regularly provided hockey clinics for boys and girls of all ages, and I am amazed that the Quebec Committee for the Development of Hockey (QDC) does not insist more on quality basic education for our national sport. I am always amazed at welcoming a player who has previously reached a good level in junior hockey and who is still unaware of a set of essential elements such as positional play in defense, if not in attack, how to skate with his head held high, to succeed in a high-quality pass, Wrist throws, slap strikes, backhands, etc. It’s even more surprising in goalkeepers who, so obviously, were left for so long to their own devices, innocently cultivating flaws or deficiencies because no one around them (or them) had enough skill to correct them.


It’s summer when we have to bring the little ones to the ring. Ice hours are plentiful, and parents are more available. In this way, the government can help keep the infrastructure open. Imagine a great week of free ski school with real professionals in July or August.

And yes, the committee is right to point out the crucial contribution that suppliers and equipment manufacturers have to make. Theft with children’s ski boots is almost $500, $600, and even $1,000. The cost of sticks is also shameful, disgusting and humiliating.

out of pocket

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