counties. Huge success for the big day to promote women’s sports

On May 24, 2022, the Provence Sports Plain will host the Sports Boycott Day, which aims to promote union and extracurricular sports among middle and high school girls in Provinoi. Nearly 1,000 young sports volunteers registered (© Illustration-Pexels)

“It’s a huge hit, we didn’t expect it! With no less than 1,000 teenage girls signed up, Olivier Lavinca, Mayor Provence (Seine et Marne)We can rejoice in the enthusiasm that arose around her Provinoise Sports Daywhich will be organized on Tuesday 24 May 2022 on all sports facilities in the medieval city.

Imagined within the festivities and animations that precede the passage of Women’s Tour de France In Provins on July 25th, this great day for discovering and beginning the sport is aimed at young girls attending middle and high schools in Provinoi. With a simple goal: to promote the advancement and development of women’s sports.

It has been observed that many young girls stop all sports activities once they leave high school. So the idea is to generate invitations among students and encourage them to engage in regular physical activity outside school hours. It will help combat the sedentary lifestyle of teenagers by creating a bridge between school and associative sports.

Olivier LavincaMayor of Provence (Seine et Marne)

About twenty majors represented

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., 640 girls were enrolled in middle school and 360 girls in high schools in Provence, but also middle school in St. George’s Filler Based on Sordon Boarding School of ExcellenceThus, you will benefit from the entire sporting ease of the Boulevard d’Aligre.

“All the institutions agreed to make their day familiar, but the participation of young girls was not obligatory, recalls the mayor of Provence. They are all volunteers and have pre-chosen two specialties that they would like to learn.”

To support them, 25 local sports associations and 100 volunteers responded. In total, 24 disciplines will be represented on the entire sports plain, divided between the court, tennis courts, gym and aquatic center. The 33 participating physical education teachers also helped prepare the customized courses that the young girls would follow.

Women’s licenses with the support of the city

In order to promote extracurricular sports for young girls, all participants registered for the Sportive Provinoise Day on May 24, 2022 will receive a Membership Grant voucher allowing them to join the Provinoise Sports Federation for the next season.
Thus, their license will be partially funded by the City of Provins with up to 50% membership, within a fixed cap of €150. Thus, the municipality’s financial aid ceiling will be set at €75. Big boost!

Among them, Xavier Margate, President Department of Sports at Marie Curie College from Provins. “Teenage girls need to be made aware of extracurricular sports. He believes it is a public health issue, but it is also a way to re-launch union activity, especially after this period of health crisis. Giving up licenses for women is big when they leave high school.”

The teacher who is also the head of the very young Provinois Center for Sport Development (CPS Provinois)The football club, founded in 2021, for example, hopes to attract future recruits to succeed in creating a women’s class next season. “For the football workshop, 80 girls signed up on May 24, it’s encouraging!”

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Pedagogy and advice

Parallel to sports activities and initiatives, several educational demonstrations and workshops will be organized during the day. In the program in particular: Nutrition and the work of the human body. All under the eyes of the Paralympic medalist Margot Bouletthe practical godmother, who will also give young girls high-profile sports tips.

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