Décor trends for fall-winter 2021-2022

When the weather cools down, the decor warms up our interiors. To understand fall-winter 2021-2022, what’s better than feeling comfortable at home? Then we trust the trends that are already emerging. Brands unveil collections with modern lines, sometimes borrowed from vintage, where colors and materials are meant for comfort. Not forgetting the inevitable end of the year need to sit on the sofa. During these cold seasons, warm colors and patterns and soft or raw materials brighten our decor.

What are the main trends of the fall-winter 2021-2022 season?

the background

Wallpaper (re) has always been in vogue in fall and winter with landscapes in Lelièvre or panoramas imagined by Maison Fétiche, and vintage patterns in Graham & Brown. While large abstract shapes, strongly contemporary, adorn our walls with Edito.


Fall-winter 2021-2022 natural fibers appear: raffia. In a single thread, he frames a round mirror in Alinea. We find it woven as a lampshade shade at The Cool Republic by Cosydar or as a bohemian, even simple, pendant for the made.com collection.

fine lines

Forming a face on Habitat’s tableware, on the vases of the new Sacrée Frangine XH & M Home collection, or even in an abstract copy on AM.PM labels, subtle lines are essential in this fall-winter 2021-2022 decoration.


After growing success throughout the year, stoneware has taken a prominent place in our kitchen cabinets in fall-winter 2021-2022. At Zara Home, we naturally love it for making cups and bowls, while Sostrene Grene offers it’s enameled finish for an elegant country-style table.


It is fundamental, it passes through the ages and seasons: wood prevails in the decor. In the fall-winter of 2021-2022, we discover (re)discover it raw at the Maisons du Monde or in the kitchen of H&M Home. NV Gallery desks are blond wood, while a favorite at made.com for their unparalleled elegance.

floral pattern

If less present in our gardens, flowers invade our interiors during fall-winter 2021-2022. On AM.PM white backdrop drapes, our windows enhance when they adorn the walls of a room covered in Sanderson’s wallpaper.


Geometric structures are somewhat neglected in favor of roundness, which lends unparalleled softness to our decorations. Perfect for facing fall and winter, we snuggle up in a Sostrene Grene armchair or on a Broste Copenhagen cushion. The lines of small objects also bend like floating house vases.

kilim rug

A forgotten time, the kilim rug turned into the star of the year at the dawn of the fall-winter 2021-2022. We are pleased with its simple shape as it fits easily into our interiors. As for warm colors and patterns from the East, like the vibrant model from Maison du Kilim, it’s the perfect room-warming accessory. We appreciate that it’s simple with cyan and white tones like those of Westwing.

the animals

An anticipated trend for 2022, it’s already making its way into those that will seep through the end of 2021. Animals augment the ornament in playful flower pots at Habitat, in small cabinet-worthy sculptures of curiosities at Maisons du monde or in a simple illustration by made.com.

The main colors of fall-winter 2021-2022

the sky is blue

Or rather called Horizon blue, this shade was chosen in 2022 by Dulux Valentine. We can see blue skies now showing up in our interiors, especially through Habitat’s signature bedding. Enjoy its soothing effect like the snow that rolls in December.

the green

It is impossible to spend a winter without green. Proof of being at the Maisons du Monde, available in different shades to create their new seven collections. Sage, chlorophyll or dark green, this color also adorns IKEA tableware and is the image of the Nature & Découvertes Christmas collection.

shades of orange

In the fall, orange adorns the landscape. In interior décor, it’s prized for shade worthy of seasonal sunrise, whether it’s bright and warm, enhancing AM.PM and made.com benches. With a little touch, our IKEA pillows wake up.


The sweet and somewhat vitamin effect and the softness of pastel shades do not go unnoticed in the fall-winter of 2021-2022. We turn to the delicate pink and green armchair and sofa designed by new brand Popus. Pastel colors in the kitchen are popular for the Smeg fridge and Hay water bottles.

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