Defender Rudi Camacho loves the way Montreal win their matches

MONTREAL – Gone are the days of last winter when Rudi Camacho didn’t know what 2022 had in store for him professionally. Montreal centre-back and sporting director Olivier Renard has finally found common ground and today, Camacho says he is living his best Montreal moment in the MLS.

Camacho “from afar”, without hesitation, answered a question to that effect after Montreal’s 2-0 win (6-3-2 – 20 points) over Charlotte FC, Saturday night, at Bank of America Stadium.

“It’s not just because we win matches, because we build them. “We don’t leave room for chance or chance. We build them and perfect them. Today (Saturday) I think it was a tactical demonstration, a technical demonstration,” said the 31-year-old.

The victory allowed Wilfried Nancy’s team to play the eighth consecutive game unbeaten (6-0-2), improving the record set last week.

The Montreal club even added a second collective record to its roster in 2022 by playing a fifth consecutive game without losing abroad (3-0-2).

Finally, that victory propelled CF Montreal to the top spot in the Eastern Conference, aided by tie-breakers over Orlando City and Philadelphia Union.

Camacho hasn’t missed a minute since the start of CF Montreal’s record streak, which began with a heartbreaking 3-3 draw in Atlanta on March 19.

After a difficult 4-3 home win at home to FC Cincinnati in early April, Montreal’s defensive line-up became tight.

In the last six meetings, the Montreal team conceded only five goals. On Saturday, it gathered the first closing session of 2022.

“It feels good,” Camacho admitted of the shutdown. Previously, we won matches, but as defenders we were not entirely happy, because we conceded a lot of goals. Moreover, it is a largely doomed victory. It is the ‘top’ of all.

In all this, Camacho sees that he can perform better on an individual level and that he has not yet reached the level that earned him, in 2021, the title of defensive player with distinction in Montreal.

“If I can find my feelings last year, we will be better. Like I said before, if the whole team plays at their best we can do great things this season. I hope we can continue. There is no reason (not to continue). If we remain confident in ourselves. And we approached the matches in the same way, there is no need for that.

Extensive contribution

Saturday’s close went to Sebastien Brezza’s record-breaking record, who appears to have regained the confidence that propelled him to the Montreal CF.

“He had a complicated moment, as we all can. Camacho noted that it happens.

“The most important thing is to remain confident, and I think he has it. He has a strong character, and has remained confident despite his few mistakes. I’ve made some. Everyone has done it. In these moments, the most important thing is to stay solid in your mind, not listen. To what is said on the side, because people talk a lot when things don’t go well. That’s what he was able to do. Today he did the right thing. He did his job. And in games before too. I hope you continue both for him and for all players.

While Brezza and the defense seem to have found their directions, the attack continues to produce and above all score goals at key moments.

Djordje Mihajlovic scored his sixth goal at the end of the first half. Then Alistair Johnston added his first goal with the Montreal team in the 67th minute.

Kei Kamara, who came to replace Rommel Koyoto, who had a shoulder injury on the line that netted Mihajlovic, helped.

With this, Johnston became the eleventh player different from Montreal on Saturday to net in 2022.

“Everyone in the training contributes. It is not just a few players. Today Ali scored his first goal and of course we are proud of that,” said Mihajlovic.

“This streak of success is the result of the positive performance from everyone. We have players who played late in the second half, they maintain the level of play and we can finish the matches.

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