[Design] 6 Tips to Become a Lifestyle Photography Professional

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lifestyle. If you are a photographer, creator or communication professional, you have probably heard this word before, or have it only in your mouth. Lifestyle is really a very fashionable iconographic trend, which responds to a creative aspiration, as well as the public, for more natural and spontaneous views in which they are found.

Images that combine intimacy and reliability…

A clever mix of staging and spontaneity, lifestyle photography often involves establishing a close relationship with the models. Like Sonia Szóstak, the photographer of Fotolia’s new lifestyle collection, Disconnect, whose photos are available today in the image bank and for which “it is essential to [se] dive into the topic [et qui tient] also a lot for him [sa] relationships with the people she photographs with.

Instead of trying to come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. This way, you will be able to capture beautiful moments and develop a real lifestyle aesthetic, as it is partly the result of chance.

… And create emotions

Photos of a good lifestyle should touch people. They should make us forget their origin to evoke moments of our lives. This is also what promotes storytelling, another trend strongly associated with lifestyle images.

In lifestyle photography, you need to know how to capture the moment, even if the temptation is too great to wait for things to happen. Some events do not last more than a second and the moment before or after can be more visually interesting. As in the movies, waiting for something can be more interesting or exciting than the moment it happens. It is the art of storytelling.

All emotions are good to photograph. Sometimes a sad image is even more beautiful than a picture of a smiling person because the vulnerability is real. These images are strong because they are authentic moments, which can not be recreated.

FOTOLIA3A codified aesthetic

The trend is natural; as for the light, as for the staging, or the body language. Whatever the field; family, business, going out with friends, no more stereotypical poses, let the alchemy work and the natural be discovered.

A close-up photo can make a good image, but this type of framing limits the possibilities of post-production composition. And in lifestyle photography, the environment is an extension of your subject. It is therefore always better to provide a fairly wide frame, even more than usual. Sometimes this extra space is what will turn the image into a gorgeous view, allowing the subject to breathe.

6 tips to master lifestyle photography

  • Become a field photographer: avoid poses, favor the moment, as in a photo report, to capture a personality, a lifestyle

  • Take your time to gain the trust of the model, to the point that your camera is no longer perceived as intrusive

  • Avoid camera views or create a real interaction with the model to bring the viewer into the story

  • In lifestyle photography, the environment is part of the story: think about outdoor sessions, take advantage of a natural environment and use a fairly broad framework

  • Remember close-ups, however they create a form of intimacy in your narrative

  • Use props: conquering your model will make him forget your presence, he will focus on what he is doing, which will give you the opportunity to capture natural behaviors

Today, in just 24 hours, you can download for free three photos and a video from the Disconnect by Fotolia lifestyle collection.

Photo: Sonia Szóstak – Fotolia and video credit: Pavlé Savic – Fotolia

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