destinations that should be avoided absolutely

Two months from summer vacation, the counter is launched. Where will we spend our annual vacation? While some French are particularly efficient and have already planned their summer since January, others play the late arrival card. Indeed, many are waiting for the last moment to decide. Have not yet chosen your vacation spot, the destination where you can lower your towel to relax all summer (or at least three weeks)? Some should be avoided!

Yes, even if we love them, there are cities that it is better to visit out of season, especially if you want to get away from it all and not meet your neighbors or colleagues on the beach.

What are the destinations to avoid?

The Opodo site has made a ranking of 10 most popular destinations this summer. Therefore, these places must seduce the French to the point that they go there in droves. Do you want exoticism, a quiet holiday, away from the crowds? Avoid them!

“37% of bookings are made in one to two weeks, followed by 21% in two to three weeks and 20% of lucky people who allow themselves more than three weeks”details Opodo in a press release.

The most popular destinations for summer 2022

Some European destinations make the hearts of the French beat faster. To guide you in yours booking your vacation summer, here are destinations to forget if you do not want to be overwhelmed by the crowd.


Central Mediterranean Archipelago, Malta, appreciated for the more than pleasant climate. Tourists flock there from the beginning of July. Its historical heritage and its gastronomy make it place to be. If this island attracts you, wait for the beginning of autumn or the return of spring.

Porto, Portugal

Want pasteis de nata? We understand you! However, we do not recommend that you go to harbor this summer. If the second largest city in Portugal seduces us with its history (mixing old town and modern comfort), it would be better to wait until the end of summer to put your suitcase there. First of all, because it’s very hot over there summer season. Then, because the historic center perched on the hills overlooking the Douro, attracts many people in July and August.

Ajaccio, France

of Corsica is still one of the most popular summer destinations. The beauty island has everything to enjoy: it is accessible, French is spoken there, the landscapes are spectacular and the sea water very pleasant. There are many reasons that push tourists to flock to Ajaccio. Avoid, if you do not like crowds.

Lisbon, Portugal

A second city in Portugal appears in this ranking, and he is none other than Lisbon, the capital. If you want to hear Fado this summer, prefer the Algarve going to Sagrès. You will enjoy Portuguese life while being relaxed (and by the water, it’s also very nice!).

Figari, France

Figari, like Ajaccio, attracts many people as the sun is at its zenith. So, of course, Beauty Island makes us wish, but by going to an island, you can choose one where you can put your towel on the beach.

Athens! Greece

The Acropolis, you dream about it, however, is not during the summer you are likely to see it. Otherwise, you will have to support thousands of tourists who will be going there at the same time as you. Keep the holidays for Athens for the low season, from september, you can discover the city in the best conditions.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

It’s not Ibiza (although this island would have its place in this ranking), but Palma de Mallorca which is in seventh place in Opodo’s ranking the most popular destinations this summer. You will understand if you dream of a ” sea ​​and sun sex“You have to go here. If you are looking for tranquility and nature, go your own way.

Bastia, France

After all, Corsica is not really the dream destination for a quiet summer. We will have warned you!

Montreal, Canada

across the Atlantic, Montreal back in the rankings. This year, many people have booked to discover this Canadian city over the summer. Do not want to eat poutine near the French tourists in the restaurant? Go your own way.

Marrakech, Morocco

Finally, the Opodo ranking ends with Marrakesh. The former imperial city in western Morocco attracts crowds. This summer, forget about riads, unless you like the world.

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