Difficult result at home for the missile

In front of his supporters assembled in Bell Square, Laval’s missile spoiled his first chance to end the Syracuse crisis in a tough 3-0 loss, so there will be a fifth and final duel between the two teams. -finals.

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Leading 2 to 1 in this MLS series, Jean-Francois Houle’s men could eliminate the Tampa Bay Lightning school club with a victory. For the third time in a row, Kayden Primo got the start in goal.

The young American goalkeeper didn’t have much to blame himself for keeping his side in the game after Cole Koepke opened the scoring five minutes into the opener. In the match, Anthony Richard put in a good effort by curling around the net before handing him over to his teammate, who is left free in the confined area.

The officials’ action was hotly contested by the partisan crowd. The first minutes of the third half, after the questionable penalty kick awarded to Cedric Paquette and the subsequent netting from Remy Elle, took place under boos. Richard added moments later.

despair energy

An expression returned to the Rocket members’ mouths after the meeting: “The energy of despair.” Team Crunch was facing elimination, and they used their last resources to dominate the home team in every way.

“They played a better game than us. They were desperate tonight, and it showed up. We had to match their energy level,” Hall admitted at a press conference.

“I think they came out very strong. They had the energy of desperation, attacker Alex Belzel bounced back. They started Game Really intense. They have won more battles than us. They were more severe than us and we will have to respond and roll up our sleeves.

bullet in the foot

Crunch could have lost their chance to win when goalkeeper Maxime Lagacé was injured and had to leave the match. The worst thing is that it was a gesture from his teammate Gabriel Dumont who was the source of the switch.

In a stampede in front of the net, Captain Belzel pushed the Quebec goalkeeper, who immediately demanded the attention of the sports therapist. Dumont, he was punished for the roughness and must have gotten in some cold sweats when he saw the missile hitting the post twice in the power play.

Hugo Alnefelt was quickly thrown into the mix, and responded well when tested. His 23 saves allowed the visitors to slip away with a big knockout win.

The chance to frustrate a warm goalkeeper barely slipped through the fingers of Laval’s players. Alnefelt’s first test was a power play, hitting the standing missile twice. In addition, they severely lacked opportunism, splitting air more than once when thrown.

“Maybe we could have taken the opportunity to send in more pucks, but we didn’t have the opportunity to do that tonight,” defender Xavier Ollet lamented.

Game five in the series will take place Tuesday at the Upstate Medical University Arena in Syracuse. According to Hall, players before Cédric Paquette and Nate Schnarr will also be unconfirmed cases for this segment.

Real game of playoffs

The fourth duel in the series between the Laval Missile and the Syracuse Heist was of rare intensity. The referees whistle away most of the time, maybe too often for some.

The checks were so numerous, on a Saturday afternoon, at the Place Bell, to the delight of the crowd. The players had a lot of messages to pass on after the referees stopped the match. However, they only ruled with two slight kicks on each side.

“I think every game so far has been very physical. It’s the qualifiers, that’s why we play hockey. Hockey is fun now. Striker Alex Belzel commented after the match, who witnessed his team’s 3-0 defeat.

One play in particular attracted a lot of attention early in the third period. Quebecers Cedric Paquette and Daniel Walcott got into trouble in front of Kayden Primo’s cage, and the No-stick Rocket player attempted to bully his opponent. They both fell backwards, but only Paquette was sent to the dungeon.

Then Remy Eli scored a goal as Primo, author of 34 passes, was pushed out of his half of his circle by traffic. It was enough for the ‘white tide’ in Pill Square to make his sense of dread even more.

“The referees are doing their job. Captain Xavier Ouellet explained that it was a private decision for me. The two were going one way or the other; it’s strange to be reductive in a game like that at the net. It’s an emotional sport.”

Moments later, with the crowd still criticizing the officials, Anthony Richard tripled Syracuse’s lead with a sharp shot.

We bet the emotions will still be there in the fifth duel.

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