During the trial, Amber Heard begs Johnny Depp to “leave him alone”

Amber Heard begged Johnny Depp on Monday to “leave her alone”, denouncing “torture” to relive the domestic violence she accuses of being subject to her, during the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex-husband in United States. .

“I have to relive every day, over and over, the most intimate, embarrassing, deeply humiliating and personal things I have ever experienced,” the 36-year-old actress explained in court in Fairfax, Virginia, Washington. “It’s torture, it’s great emotional pain,” she said.

“I want to get on with my life, but doing these things he will not let me,” she told lawyers before looking her ex-husband in the eye and begging him, “leave me alone.”

The star of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, who has avoided watching his ex-wife since the beginning of the trial, claims $ 50 million in damages. He accuses her of ruining her reputation and career by claiming in a column published in 2018 by the Washington Post that she had suffered domestic violence two years ago, without however mentioning her name. She has counterattacked and demands double.

At the top, the “Aquaman” actress explained that she decided to divorce in May 2016 after fearing for her life, after another debate, during which the actor allegedly threw a phone in her face.

Amber Heard and the growing promise

Their union was “disintegrating,” she said, struggling to hold back tears. “I knew I had to leave. I knew I would not survive if I did not.” “The monster had been this thing that was now the norm and not the exception. Violence was now normal,” she explained, referring to her ex-husband, who said he hit her regularly under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Her lawyers showed photos where she appears with the right side of her bruised face.

The first four weeks of the trial have created a “toxic” relationship, with very crude details reported by the former couple, who had started a relationship in 2011 before getting married in February 2015. The divorce was finalized in early 2017 .

Their quarrels, often accompanied by beatings, culminated during a stay in Australia in March 2015, when Amber Heard claims to have been beaten and then sexually assaulted by her husband.

The controversial debate launched in the late afternoon by Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has been tense.

Amber Heard in particular had to admit that she had never donated to charity, as she had promised during the divorce settlement and repeated in the press, the $ 7 million received in compensation at the end of 2018. could not fulfill my obligations because I was sued ”by her ex-husband, she said.

Ms. Vasquez, however, noted that she had received the full amount long before the defamation lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp in 2019.

“Hit to defend yourself”

The 58-year-old actor, who testified in late April, admitted to using a lot of drugs and alcohol, but denied ever raising his hand against Amber Heard and insisted it was what was violent.

Amber Heard stressed the inequality of force on Monday admitting she punched Johnny Depp. “I’m talking about the difference between a punch and the fact that you have to hit it to defend yourself,” she said.

This lawsuit between the two celebrities is extraordinary. It is broadcast live on television and every day fans of the two actors gather in court in this small town near the American capital. “It’s like a soap opera,” Nancy Mowery, who came from Pennsylvania and spent the night in court to attend the hearing, told AFP.

Alethea Gnanakan, a student from Virginia, believes that “both (ex-spouses) suffered” in this “so sad story”.

The battle between the two camps is also taking place on social networks where hashtags for or against the two actors are flourishing.

The deliberations will continue until May 27, after which the seven members of the jury will withdraw to discuss.

The actor has sued his ex-wife in the United States two years after losing his first defamation lawsuit in London. He had attacked the British tabloid The Sun, who called him an “abusive man”.

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