Essome Penda steals the show

Football was in the spotlight at the 26th Gala Méritas des Carabins de l’Université de Montréal, which crowned Marie-Yves Bernard Abraham and J-Frank Issumi Benda as Athlete of the Year, Wednesday evening at the 1861 Salon.

name ofIsom Penda It was on everyone’s lips during the ceremony. The man with every possible honor in 2021, especially RSEQ, U SPORTS, and National Championship Player of the Year, became one of the few Carabins in history to return home with the merits of a male athlete and outstanding sportswoman in the same season.

This award highlighted his outstanding contribution to the Carabins’ conquest of the Canadian Championship last fall, where he scored winning goals in each of the three games, but also his stellar performance in pursuing a Masters in Computer Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. This fall, he scored a 4.0 out of 4.0, en route to graduation with an average of 3.75 out of 4.0.

Bernard Abrahamanother honorary student from Polytechnic Montreal, in electrical engineering, was crowned Carabinese Athlete of the Year, just months after being named Athlete with Distinguished by the Women’s Soccer Conference in Quebec and making her appearance on the country’s first All-Star Team.

Marie-Yves Bernard Abraham with Louise Nadeau and
John Elsliger

The evening hosted by Sébastien Benot also allowed us to discover Gabriel Fortin. The volleyball player was named the best student-athlete, for her exceptional results on the court and in the class. The RSEQ star was also crowned Women’s Sports Junior Player of the Year. After 48 credits, I have maintained an academic average of 4.21 out of 4.3 in Psychology.

Interview with Gabriel Fortin on stage

Pushmin’s leadership, an inspiration to Martas

swimmer Charlotte Beutchmin, who will graduate this summer in Physics and Computer Science, has been honored for her athletic and academic success as well as her societal involvement in the leadership of the Méritas. The three-time RSEQ Championship medalist holds an average of 3.87 out of 4.3 and has put together more than 500 volunteer hours since 2020 to develop the mobile app for Sport’aide, an organization that fights against harassment and violence. in sport.

Due to the pandemic, a special award called Méritas Inspiration was given to highlight the courage and commitment of a student-athlete from Les Bleus. Fresh graduate football player in Psychology and Sociology Paul Mortas He received this title.

After a violent lung injury in the winter of 2020, Mertz fell into an artificial coma and nearly died. After losing 45 pounds of his 170-pound weight and all of his muscle mass, he thwarted doctors’ expectations that he would never be able to play football again.

At the end of boot camp in the fall of 2021, he secured a spot in the starting line-up for the first time in three years with the Blues. The defender did not leave the field after that, being the only member of the team to play every minute of every match, until winning the national title.

The Rookie of the Year award in individual sports was presented to Alexandra Mukano (Managing HEC Montréal) for the badminton team. Gilham Hermita master’s student in computer engineering at the Polytechnic and a member of the athletics squad, pass receiver Hassan doso (Arts and Sciences) are this year’s juniors in individual and team sports by men.

Paul Mortas

Carabins Players of the Year

Sports Games

  • a woman : Myriam pear tree (Master’s in Human Resource Management, HEC Montréal)
  • men : their ghouls hermit (Master’s in Computer Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)


  • a woman : Alexandra Mukano (HEC Montreal Department)
  • men : Nicholas Nguyen (Software Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal)


Alexis Seguin (Masters in Engineering Physics, Montreal Polytechnic)

cross country

  • a woman : Morel ogled (Master in Urban Planning)
  • men : Thomas Violet (Aviation Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)


Jonathan Senical (Management, HEC Montreal)


  • a woman : Camille Lapierre Owlette (Management, HEC Montreal)
  • men : Raphael Lapierre Messier (Management, HEC Montreal)

female hockey

Kelly Ann Nadoo (natural therapy)


  • a woman : Anais Arlandis (Masters in Education)
  • men : Vincent Laperelli (Aviation Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)


  • feminine : Maud Lannoy (public health and globalization)
  • Male : Hugo Robert (Master’s in Civil Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)

Alpine skiing

  • a woman : Caroline Beauchamps (medicine)
  • men : Louis Peron and Jake (medicine)


  • feminine : Marie-Yves Bernard Abraham (Electrical Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)
  • Male : Jay Frank Isom Pinda (Master’s in Computer Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)


  • a woman : dolphin boleyn (Master of Architecture)
  • men : Jibril Chambox (Chemical Engineering, Montreal Polytechnic)


  • feminine : Gabriel Fortin (psychology)
  • Male : Yassin Kassis (Masters in Computer)

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