Fashion colors 2022: black is the new fashion color for the bedroom

According to search queries done on Google, black walls in the bedroom are the next big trend.

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Black Bedrooms, Green Living Rooms: We reveal the trendy colors for every room in the house.

Have you ever wondered what your bedroom would look like if it was painted another color and searched for inspiration on Google? you’re not the only one. The online magazine Living Cozy used these Google queries to find out the most in-demand colors for every room in the house.

It turns out that netizens show little interest in white, which is the standard color in rentals in Switzerland. On the other hand, bright colors, such as green or even black, come to the fore. In fact, green is the most common color, all rooms combined. It is at least part of the top three in every part analyzed. The shades of olive, sage and emerald are especially popular.

Why is green on the rise?

There are several reasons for the amazing popularity of green. In recent months and years, earthy and close to nature tones have been very popular and this trend continues. During the pandemic, many people have also spent more time in their interiors, and green is seen as calming and synonymous with “hope.” No wonder so many people choose accents of green or walls painted entirely in this color when renovating or transforming interiors.

Modern black bedrooms

Surprisingly, the most popular color in bedrooms is black. Next comes white and green. However, there are some rules to follow in black. Because, small rooms often look smaller with black walls and very dark colors absorb all the light, even during the day. That is why anthracite is more suitable for the bedroom. But a darker black can also work, provided you provide enough lighter touches.

The best color for the bathroom

It is clear that netizens dream not only of a black bedroom, but also of a matching bathroom. Again, black is the most common color, followed also by white and green. Black bathrooms are especially elegant.

natural living room

In the living room, the most natural colors are preferred, with green in the foreground, followed by white and blue. Green is believed to have many virtues: hope, growth, vitality, reliability, balance, and calmness are just a few examples. So it’s the perfect shade for the family room or an oasis of calm. Especially popular are the tones of sage, olive green and emerald green.

Green also dominates the dining room.

clean kitchen

Not surprisingly, white remains the most popular color in kitchens, ahead of green and blue. Perhaps this is explained by reasons of hygiene, because white symbolizes cleanliness and purity and when you clean, you immediately see where you still have to go. But hygiene is also paramount when dealing with food, which is why many people prefer white surfaces in the kitchen.

Colorful outdoor space

Sure, most of us can’t choose the color of the habitat’s exterior walls and the porch wall can’t be painted either. After all, the facades in Switzerland should give a “harmonious image of the city or region.” decent! There are other ways to brighten up your outdoor space, including decorative items and wall coverings. The most common color for this is solar yellow. What puts balm on the heart even on rainy days.

And you, what color would you like to paint the rooms in your house or apartment?

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