Features of the upcoming season

Sports management.

Julian shoemaker Become an athletic coordinator. After seven seasons in the club, and after he successively assumed the roles of player, captain, assistant coach and then sports director, ALDO Angola and La Berrichonne de Châteauroux are separated by mutual agreement.

patrick trutignon : “Aldo refused the position of reserve coach that was offered to him, so he will leave the club. I appreciate him very much, and have a lot of affection for him, but that is the case…”

The entire club would like to thank Aldo Angola for what he has done for the club in his various duties.

Technical staff of the professional group.

Matthew chapert Under contract until June 2023. Arrived in October 2021 as assistant coach, Cream Moqaddam He will leave the club. Castelrousin captains are currently looking for a new assistant coach. “ Karim is a good friend of mineOur coach said, I thought we could work together, but that’s not the case, nothing more, nothing less. Contrary to what was said, Karim did not take up much space, but we had different technical visions, especially in terms of the game plan. As a coach, at the moment, it was the hardest decision. my work. »

La Berrichonne de Châteauroux would like to thank Karim Moghadam for his professionalism during this season, and wishes him success in his future projects.

Nicholas Piress He took over as Technical Director at Stade Bordelais at N2 (I read here). Leaders are currently looking for a new physical trainer, We received candidates and are still receiving some of them. to conjure Romaric Bosch, is one of the candidates, I confirm it. It’s a profile that I like very much. » says the general manager. Stephan buratogoalkeeper coach, under contract until June 2023.

Sports Coordinator : Julian Cordonnier
coach bus : Matthew Chabert
coach assistant : Coming soon…
intended physical : Coming soon…
coach bus from guardians : Stefan Burato
analyst video : Tony Ayach

Movements in the training center.

On the training center side as well, some changes are planned. sincere coats He retains his position as N3 coach, and Armendo Ferrera remain director of the center, But he will now be in charge of the U18R with the task of returning to the U19 National. roman Godard You will face the under-17 team. Steven Herbin He told us he wanted to leave. The club wishes him a good continuation in the future. Patrick Trotignon explains.

The club thanks Etienne Herpin for his investment in the training center over the past two years.

Director The Center : Armendo Ferreira
coach bus N3 : Frank Mantax
coach bus under 18 R1 : Armendo Ferreira
coach bus under 18 R2 : Baptiste Manteaux
coach bus under 17 Citizens : Roman Scheffer
intended physical : Coming soon…
coach bus from guardians : Julian Barron

The current situation of the workforce for the upcoming season.

Various speakers took the opportunity to discuss the sporting future, in particular the cases of Thomas Robinet and Cyrine Ducoure. “Saying that we want to keep Thomas Robinet is obvious. But there is a case that has value in the market. If there is an offer that comes close to what we want, we will see, but it is not positional.” The new athletic coordinator. And Patrick Trotignon should specify: “To be honest, I think Ceren will leave. He has expressed his desire to leave, and there is only one year left on his contract. Regarding Thomas, he has scored 18 goals, so obviously he has desires. We will not stop a player in their prime if he aspires to play higher. »

Julien Cordonnier noted that there will not necessarily be major changes in the workforce. “The backbone of the team is under contract, and that corresponds to 23 players. Most of the players who were championship holders will be there, moreover, Adama extended yesterday. We want to avoid ending up with 33 players, even if this season was the consensus of the players and the technical staff, the agreement was very good. For now, the priority is a left-handed central defender and a right-hand piston. »

So, if all goes as planned, we can expect to see a less eventful summer than last season, in order to start the sporting season with more stability.

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