Fighting Animal Abuse – Senate

Issuance of the law (November 30, 2021)

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the President of the Republic issued Law No. 2021-1539 aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the bonds between animals and humans. Published in the Official Gazette No. 279 of 1Verse December 2021.

Examination of Joint Commission Results (November 18, 2021)

Senat, Thursday, November 18, 2021, adopted the conclusions of the joint committee on the draft law on combating animal abuse and strengthening the link between animals and humans, by 332 votes to one against (the ballot).

Joint Committee Meeting (October 21, 2021)

On Thursday, October 21, 2021, the joint committee in charge of proposing text met on the items still under discussion for the bill aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the link between animals and humans. I reached an agreement.

First reading in Snat (September 30, 2021)

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, the Senate adopted, with some modifications, a bill aimed at strengthening the fight against animal abuse, which the National Assembly adopted after initiating the expedited procedure.

During this examination, Snat adopted modifications that have an effect:

– setting one year as the time limit to allow individuals to obtain a certificate of new knowledge (Article 23 – Article 1);
– specifying that the first possession of a pet after the enactment of the law will be subject to the obligation of the Certificate of Commitment and Knowledge (AMT 190 – Article 1);
– provide a valid proof of address of the local carnivores, so that the holder cannot be contested in the national file (amt 84 right. bis – the additive after Article 1);
– reintroduce training in animal welfare, with its equivalent, to animal pound managers (amount of 90 bis corrections – Article 3);
– Inclusion of information on penalties incurred in case of animal abuse in supply contracts (Laws 10 and 62 – Article 3);
– Allowing the consolidation of the pound with another public institution for inter-municipal cooperation (amounts of 40 ter, 137 tertiary express and 192 – Article 3);
– determining certification requirements for associations without shelter (amt 196 – Article 3 bis);
Determining the framework in which the Public Institution for Cooperation between Municipalities can intervene in relation to the arrest, sterilization and identification of stray cats (Article 197 – Article 4);
– strengthening the fight against the introduction of dogs, especially from Eastern Europe, that do not comply with health and identification rules (amt 203 – Article 4 sexies B);
– Supervising the publication of electronic offers for the sale of pets (Amount 205 revised bis – Article 4 Senses);
Defining the content of raising awareness of animal ethics within the framework of moral and civic education (Article 209 – Article 7 ter);
– Protection of minors from seeing animal content (120 scale, divided third – an additive after Article 11);
– Registration of perpetrators of sexual offenses against animals in the judicial file of sex offenders – FIJAIS (amount 125 true ter – article addendum after Article 11 ter);
– Clarify how shelters and reserves are distinguished from institutions providing care for wild animals (amount 219 true – Article 12 bis);
– Prohibition of providing training numbers in shelters and shelters (Quantity 15 – Article 12 bis);
– Prohibition of serving animals in discos, whether domestic or non-domestic (Quantity 74 – Article 13);
– Amending the title of the text to read: “A draft law aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the link between animals and humans” (correct title 20 – invoice title).

Review in the Years Committee (September 22, 2021)

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the Economic Affairs Committee examined Anne Chien-Larch’s report and put forth its text on a bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse, which was adopted by the National Assembly after initiating the expedited procedure.

Based on the opinion of its rapporteur, the Committee on Economic Affairs made combating the causes and consequences of abandonment a priority. The commission also maintained the possibility of selling animals in pet stores, where the animals are identified and tracked, in order to avoid postponing the purchase to the Internet or undeclared trade.

It also facilitated and supervised the use of foster families for abandoned animals, giving real status to homeless associations.

It has also introduced a VAT exemption for veterinary procedures in shelters.

In addition, criminal penalties for animal abusers have been tightened.

Finally, with regard to wild animals, the commission allowed dolphins to continue their activity with their modification and to provide targeted bans in the event of non-compliance.

Subsequently, the committee adopted amendments aimed at:

Clarify the certification system for the acquisition of pets (COM-155, COM-154, and COM-156 of Course Article 1) and provide a 7-day reflection period after the purchaser’s certificate is issued prior to selling the animal (COM-157 of Course Section 1);
– refocusing the new powers granted to municipal police officers and country rangers on monitoring unidentified dogs and cats (COM-159 of Decision Article 2);
– extension of the obligation of all dogs and cats kept as pets to individual identification, display in veterinary premises and recorded in an automated data file (COM-161 and COM-190 of the course, COM-36, article III, add.. after 2);
– return the holding period of the pound to eight working days, after which the animal that is put into the pound becomes its property (COM-21 correction bis and COM-165 set forth Article 3);
– targeting the mandatory professional certification of animal shelters, shelters and rangers on the species in question (COM-23 directly. III and COM-223 of the addendum course material after Article 3);
– improving the definition of host families (COM-171, course subject, COM-27, essay, new 3bis) and creating a statute for associations without refuge (COM-172 and COM-174 from course article 3a new);
– exemption from value-added tax for veterinary procedures performed on animals in shelters (COM-189 of the add-on article after Article 3 bis new);
– authorizing the activity of pet stores by strengthening their supervision (COM-180 of the decision of Article 4 new quintiles) and the prohibition of displaying animals in storefronts in pet stores (COM-63 quoted bis – add article after Art. 4 new quintiles); Prohibition of postal dispatch and “satisfied or repaid” offers of animals (COM-101 direct. III and COM-224 scheduled Article 4 sexies);
– Protection of animals during transport operations (COM-55 direct. bis, COM-182 and COM-181 for the course, COM-146 correct.
– Prohibition of donating pets to minors without parental consent (COM-61 Straight. ter, COM-126, COM-184 right. Article 5 ter new to the decision);
– creating an aggravating circumstance of the offense of “gross abuse or cruel act” on an animal in the presence of a child (COM-197 set forth Art. 8) and promoting aggravating circumstances for the act of abandonment when it endangers the animal’s life (COM-200 set out in Art. 8 III new);
– strengthening of aggravating circumstances of gross violations or brutal acts when committed by the owner of the animal (decision COM-206, COM-112 correct, COM-65 quintuple straight, COM-66 straight III Article 8 III new);
– Authorizing the judge to issue temporary rulings prohibiting the keeping of animals (COM-207 Article 10);
– penalize search engines that refer to images of serious animal abuse or sexual abuse (COM-72, right III, COM-213 of Article 11 of the decision);
– the creation of an offense of sexual abuse of animals (COM-217 and COM-218 of the decision, COM-81 true III Article 11 IV new);
– creation of an obligation to register and advertise wild animals on the initiative of their owner (COM-115 Article 12);
– amending the ban on possession, acquisition, reproduction and participation in performances aimed at cetaceans (COM-186 and COM-187 of Article 12 of the decision);
– In addition to the ban on the presentation of animals in discotheques and on television (COM-204 and COM-205 set forth Article 13);
– Amending the name of the text: a bill aimed at strengthening the bonds between humans and animals (COM-188 for the decision, title of the bill).

Adoption by the National Assembly (29 January 2021)

On Friday, January 29, 2021, the National Assembly adopted a draft law aimed at strengthening the fight against animal abuse.

text deposit

On Monday, December 14, 2021, Laetitia Romero Dias and several of her fellow MPs in the National Assembly introduced a bill aimed at strengthening the fight against animal abuse.

On the same day, the government began expedited action on this provision.

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