Find out why your dog licks your feet

The fact that most dogs love to lick their masters is a fact that you have definitely noticed. Usually hands and face The areas of human anatomy that attract their attention the most, Because they are easily accessible.

But sometimes, when given the opportunity, they can choose others that seem most surprising or strange to us, as with the feet. In this article we will look at the causes of licking in this area.

Does your dog give you kisses?

It is very common to associate dog licking with human kissing. In fact, there are similarities. When the puppies are ready to eat solid food, they start asking for food from their mother. To do this, they touch his face with their front paws and lick his muzzle. In this way, they cause the female dog to vomit the food she has just swallowed.

So they can try their first solid foods that have been somewhat processed to make it easier for them. The same thing happened in the human race. Mothers also chew the food beforehand before passing it on to their babies, who have learned to eat orally.

This gesture is part of social behavior and has become a sign of affection in both dogs and humans. But it is also important to know that dog licking can also have other meanings. On the other hand, although they generally accept it, they do not understand the kisses we give them as we would like.

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What does licking people mean?

First of all, the fact that your dog licks your feet, hands, face, or any other part of our anatomy he can reach is a sign of a good relationship with you. In most cases affection appearsTrust, safety and attachment. But there are other meanings, perhaps less clear. Like the following:

  • health : They are not cats, but dogs also lick each other as a cleaning. It is common to see this on their feet, for example when they return from a walk. Thanks to this procedure, in addition to cleaning themselves, they can eliminate foreign objects or parasites that are attached to them. For this reason, they can also instinctively lick you.
  • communicate : Sometimes dogs lick you with the intent of getting your attention. If we are barefoot, the licking can be directed towards your feet and legs, where they are easy to reach. This form of ordering is not just about ordering food. Your dog may want to be listened to for any other reason, such as for play.
  • positive reinforcement: You usually don’t realize it, but when your dog licks you, you react very positively, because you return the favor with foreplay or kind words. Your attitude to the dog acts as positive reinforcement, which encourages him to repeat the licking because he understands that you love him.

What do I do if my dog ​​licks my feet excessively?

Finally, while it is perfectly normal for your dog to lick and indicates a healthy relationship between you and him, in some cases licking can almost become an obsession. We refer to situations in which the dog compulsively licks your feet and hands, etc.. Fortunately, they are not frequent.

Some dogs lick themselves, causing injury to the places they lick and hair loss. This is a behavioral change that should lead you to review and deal with their living conditions and contact a dog behaviorist or occupational behavior specialist to help you implement the necessary changes.

in other wordsThis excessive licking will be the way for the dog to express his frustration. Of course, a vet should be consulted first in case the compulsive licking is due to an organic health issue, such as pain. Psychiatric disorder can be considered only if pathology is excluded.

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