Fitness: Seven good reasons to start cycling

In the room, “indoor”, no excuse.

There are many alternatives to indoor sports activities such as Cycling. Practicing ‘indoor’ sports makes it possible to exercise regularly throughout the months, without asking questions about weather conditions. The solution to keep you fit despite the winter.

In a group and trained by a professional on engaging music

This modern concept of ‘cycling’, ‘circling’ or ‘cycling’ indoors is well designed wisely. It’s about riding the bike and pedaling right away of course, so you don’t fall over, and you can even pedal with your eyes closed at times of intense effort.

Surrounded by your teammates, the influence of the group carries you through the effort. We leave together, we suffer together, we finish together!

A dedicated trainer will coach you with dynamic sound for about fifty minutes, to help you build your effort. This is the obvious interest of the training courses in Sports Hallcreated by specialists in physical, mental and physical education.

The lesson begins, the group “takes you on board”, the coach never leaves you and the music literally strengthens you: motivation is 200% from the first lesson.

simple equipment

A tank top, shorts, and a simple pair of sneakers may be enough for the first session. But very quickly, your body will send you signals asking for more rest.

Avoid cotton clothes that retain sweat because it drips from the third music and there are 8 to close the session.

Invest quickly in shorts: If you get “addicted” quickly, padding at the crotch will be greatly appreciated at this key point of contact and friction with your bike. It’s not the most elegant outfit, but it is effective.
In terms of footwear, in order to provide maximum safety and efficiency during the session, the ideal option is to choose MTB shoes with SDP cleats.

And above all, have a well-absorbed towel and at least a 75-cl water bottle on hand: two essentials, because you raise your elbow as soon as a piece of music is over and before you move on to the next one.

The trainer will guide you through modifying a file bicycle Which should be perfect and personal: allow yourself to take care of it, but save the statements that correspond to you, to be independent during the next session.

An original and stimulating course

a path Cycling It consists like a real “show” between the stage, spotlights, dim lighting, stroboscope and air conditioning.

From warm-up to ‘going home’, 7-8 music takes us on imaginative trails well-described by our instructor as you ramp up your ‘load’: flat ground, hilly ground, mixed ground, climbs, hills, fast races, bumps, mountains, crosses to cross, coming down …

With the encouragement of the coach he plays an important role in the cycling class. (Shutterstock/DR)

Tailored effort

Heart rate starts gradually, all the way: The trainer and doctor have designed this exercise for you and you are safe with the regular progression of the effort you have to give.

You are completely independent in terms of load variance, which is the degree of resistance you impose on your bike by means of the stabilizer arm that you tighten according to the energy you consider yourself able to expend. Your legs and heart immediately react to this lifting or lowering of the load. Les Mills “cycling”, “spinning”, “cycling” or “RPM” are a Super heart activity ! Very quickly, after only a few sessions, you will improve your stress in full awareness of your goal and progress.

Deer legs and buttocks stability

Very soon your will improve fitness And progress at the cardiovascular level and at the muscular level of the lower body, which also works continuously. In fact, the quadriceps, achilles and gluteus maximus muscles are most severely compressed during these sessions. So we sculpt the legs and tighten the buttocks.

Great stress reliever

The effects on the mind are extraordinary: this activity is exhilarating, due to the release of endorphins which enhances it. Everything contributes to it: the coach, the group, the music.

In sum, it issports Perfect for starting 2018, in a cold, wet and windy start of January, after some excesses of all kinds, and in times of good decision making, within everyone’s reach.
Invest in your body, it is worth it and you will be rewarded!

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