Five things to know about Dorian Bean, the rising star of women’s motorsport

At the age of seven, Dorian Bean asked her father, who was used to racing tracks, to go karting. The only problem is, it’s very small. So she has to wait until she is 9 years old to be able to go kart. But the wait, even if it hurts, was worth it because love at first sight happened instantly: She wants to make motorsports her job. An adrenaline junkie and a circuit addict, the daring Doriane Pin has climbed many levels since then.

French Karting Champion 2019

“We did it as a family, we won together.” when Dorian Payne The French Karting Champion was crowned in 2019, with a difference of more than ten seconds, and her first thoughts were directed towards her loved ones. While some competitors had a professional team on their side, she and her family handled everything on their own.

2019 this year has not been easy for the young driver who has faced doubts and difficulties in finding sponsors. “In 2019, I could only compete in one race and you had to give everything otherwise it was over for me. I chose the French Championship because it is the biggest competition I could do to try and win the title.” Tracks the student.

The previous year, she won a bronze medal at the same arena. “I learned from my mistakes, and understood what I needed to win. […] I watched the videos and when I came back to them again in 2019, I was really focused. » The work pays off in the end.

She drove in Maranello

Based on her top spot in the 2019 French Karting Championships, Dorian Bean was selected for the program “Girls on the Track – Rising Stars” In 2020. Regulated by the FIA, Girls on the track It is a competitive model for promoting and developing young women in motorsport. After her impressive races, Dorian offers herself a place among the four drivers selected to undergo training at the Ferrari Driver Academy. She went to the final and drove up to the legendary Fiorano Circuit in Maranello, Ferrari’s sacred land, and finished second on the podium. The young motorsport prodigy successfully passes Formula 4 tests and then meets Iron Dams, the team she will be joining in 2021 (or even elsewhere).

She signed her first professional contract at the age of 17

At the beginning of 2021, the young driver from the Cote d’Azur signed her first professional contract with the Italian team Iron Dams. Headquartered in Cesena, Italy, the team uses only female pilots and Dorian finds happiness there. Admittedly, visibility is still low but the French karting champ is adamant about the fact that he deserves his place. “Motorsports is one of those rare sports where we mix in competitions and mix money. It’s a great way to show that we can all do that.”Supports Doriane Pin.

She got her first win in the Ferrari Europe Challenge

2022 marks a turning point in his racing career. In Portimao, Portugal, Dorian won the opening race of the Ferrari Europe Challenge. The competition consists of seven meetings throughout the year, each time with two weekend races.

First in practice, the French driver also signed two poles, and then won both races. “It’s my fondest memory, it was magical to share that with my team, which is like my second family. We dominated all weekend, and it was unforgettable,” She remembers. The next meeting to challenge Ferrari Europe? He will be at home at the Paul Ricard circuitAnd Next May 14th.

Dream about racing in Formula 1

Like most drivers, Dorian dreams of being among the top 20 drivers in the world and competing in the Formula 1 World Championship. “I’ve watched all the Grand Prix races as a family since I was little, She trusts. It’s pretty impressive to see all the mechanics and the whole team behind it. All that work is what makes there a champ in the car. »

Before she one day reaches the pinnacle of motorsports, the high school student knows she’s going to have to give her everything. “Everything is a series of meetings and outcomes. There are many benchmarks that run before you are at the top of the line.” The road will be long but who knows? The uncompromising design of her Iron Dames pilot could open a few doors.

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