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Thank you all for watching this qualifying session live on the RMC Sport website. See you tomorrow at 3pm for the big start to this Spanish Grand Prix. A big fight is expected between Max Verstappen’s RedBulls and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Good evening!

Q3 – Charles Leclerc’s reaction after his pole

“I feel very good. It was a tough session, especially after I made a mistake. I only ran one lap but it went really well. The car is exceptional. We are in the best position for tomorrow but I warn the RedBulls who manage their tires really well in the long lags.” We will have to keep the upper hand for them. We will try to do the double with Carlos, that would be great for the team.”

Q3 – Leclerc receives the trophy from … Carlos Sainz

It was local legend Carlos Sainz Sr. (three-time Dakar winner) who presented the first-place trophy to Charles Leclerc, his son’s Scuderia teammate.

Q3 – rest of the network

11. Lando Norris
12. Esteban Ocon
13. Yuki Tsunoda
14. Pierre Gasly
15. Guanyu Zhou
16- Sebastian Vettel
17. Fernando Alonso
18.Lance outing
19. Alex Albon
20. Nicholas Latifi

Q3 – Ocon’s Astonishing Statement

Décevant 12e sur la grille, Esteban Ocon espère gratter quelques places grâce à des sanctions: “C’est difficile, compliqué. On attendait plus de perf que ce qu’on a montré. Les pneus ont surchauffé en fin de tour, c’ ce qui nous a manqué. On a plusieurs trains de pneus neuf pour demain, c’est un peu l’espérance pour rentrer dans le top 10. Who is this.”

Q3 – Mercedes behind the first tier

However, in good shape during the tests, silver stocks remain in the shadow of the Ferraris and Red Bulls. Lewis Hamilton will start from sixth while fellow young Russell will start in the second (fourth) row.

Q3 – pole position for Charles Leclerc

1st place for Charles Leclerc (1: 18.750)! He signed the act before Verstappen. Despite his mistake, Monaco fell into a hellish roll on his only chance. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz will start second and third.

Q3 – Engine problem for Verstappen!

Everything collapses on the Dutchman! It is a victim of an engine problem and has something to do with a lack of power.

Q3 – Leclerc ahead of Verstappen

Monaco hits a hard blow by winning the excellent time with that Dutchman (1:18.750)

Q3 – Mercedes in difficulty

Respectively, fourth and fifth, Russell and Hamilton were nearly half a second behind Verstappen before the start of the second wave.

Q3 – Verstappen canon time!

Max Verstappen broke the clock and made a great lap (1:19.073). Carlos Sainz is hot on his heels at 35 percent. Perez is currently in third place, while Leclerc is in tenth place temporarily after his mistake.

Q3 – Leclerc is making a mistake!

Charles Leclerc got it wrong! Monegasque was woven into the last chicane. The Ferrari driver joins the pits. He will only have one chance to take first place.

Q3 – Serious things begin!

The start of Q1! Who will take first place and start in the front row tomorrow at the Spanish Grand Prix? Answer in ten minutes!

Q2 – Max Verstappen puts things right

Verstappen took Carlos Sainz’s best time on the very last lap and erased his average time with 1:19.219, a tenth more than the Spaniard.

Q2 – Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon excluded

It’s over for Gasly and Ocon who just couldn’t improve their times. Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, and Guanyu Zhou won’t be going into the third quarter either. Gasly will start in 14th place while Ocon will take 12th.

Q2 – Ocon and Gasly are in danger

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are in poor shape at the moment. Gasly is more than a second behind Russell before returning to the track for one last attempt. The French will have to improve their time to figure out the first quarter.

Q2 – Verstappen VI only

Max surprised Verstappen with a sixth over six-tenths over Russell. Suddenly poor performance of the world champion. He still has six minutes to rectify the situation.

Q2 – Russell’s lead on Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time… lasting just one second. Teammate Russell leads him by three-tenths (1:19.470). Kevin Magnussen and Haas are fourth at the moment.

Q2 – The start of Q2!

Ferraris are coming out of the pit lane in the lead to try and get the best possible time to get in and take cover as quickly as possible.

Aston Martin copying RedBull?

Aston Martins, both of whom were eliminated in the first quarter, are at the center of the controversy in the ring. Lawrence Stroll’s team is suspected of copying the RedBulls’ work, particularly the flat bottom of the single seat.

Q1 – Leclerc back on top

Charles Leclerc finished Q1 in the lead (1:19.861) ahead of Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen.

On the French side, Pierre Gasly (13) and Esteban Ocon (15) came out of this first quarter in the last minute.

0:00 – It’s already over for Latifi, Albon, Stroll, Alonso and Vettel

During the last laps, Pierre Gasly knocked himself out of the red zone to score the fastest number 13. He made way for Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso who were eliminated in the first quarter.

2:00 – Drivers still subject to waivers are back on track

Albon, Stroll and Schumacher hit the track for Q2. The mission promises to be complex for these pilots.

6:00 – Runway exit for Checo Perez

Checo Perez, currently seventh, fell off the track. The Mexican took a turn in the Catalan pebbles. He was able to join his position as a precaution. His place in Q2 is not currently under threat.

6:30 – Latifi, Schumacher, Gasly, Stroll and Albon in red

All pilots have a time around the clock. As it stands, Latifi, Schumacher, Gasly, Stroll and Albon are in the red and are eliminated for now.

7:00 – Mercedes ambush

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton are fourth and fifth, 4 tenths ahead of Leclerc.

8:30 – Verstappen leads…then defeated by Ferraris

Thanks to Perez’s suction, Max Verstappen was able to grab precious tenths that propelled him to the top of Q1.

Ferraris respond with one: Sainz and Leclerc take the best times with 1:19.861 for Monaco.

11:55 – The best time for Perez

Sergio Perez (RedBull) first time reference with 1:20.447. The Mexican seizes the opportunity to give strength to his teammate Max Verstappen.

Difficult conditions in Barcelona

After the furnace in Miami, drivers will still have to deal with the heat. It’s 34 degrees in the air and 47 degrees on the Barcelona track. Organizations will again be subject to testing.

Let’s go to Q1!

Guanyu Zhou was the first to leave the pit pass. He is closely followed by Gasly and Tsunoda. Other drivers gear up in garages.

Pierre Gasly is finally ready for the first quarter

An uncertain time to participate in this first quarter, Frenchman Pierre Gasly will finally be able to defend his chances. The Alpha Tauri driver did not participate in the third round of free practice after the engine overheated at the end of the morning.

Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes’ progress

“It’s a positive, I am very happy with the progress. I want to thank everyone at the factory. We are not among the fastest yet but we are making progress.”

Charles Leclerc Fastest time in EL3

Ahead of the first round of qualifying that begins at 4pm, Charles Leclerc was fastest in the third and final free practice session in Barcelona. Monegasque beats Max Verstappen by seven tenths and George Russell with tenths. A big fight awaits these qualifications!

When Charles Leclerc destroyed Niki Lauda’s car

Present at the historic Grand Prix in Monaco last Sunday, Charles Leclerc found himself behind the wheel of a Ferrari 312 P3, driven by Austrian legend Niki Lauda in 1974.

After a mechanical failure, Monegasque lost control of the car on the La Rascasse bend and sent it to the safety rail.

>> More information here.

Towards a Ferrari/Mercedes duel?

During Friday’s free practice sessions, Ferrari showed its advantage over the Catalan circuit. Charles Leclerc came first in both sessions, ahead of Carlos Sainz in the first round and ahead of the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in the second. The RedBulls are behind, waiting to qualify this afternoon.

Pilot rating after 7 races

1. Charles Leclerc (Moon) 104 points

2. Max Verstappen (NED) 85

3 – Sergio Perez (Mexico) 66

4. George Russell (Britain) 59

5. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Spain) 53

6. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) 36

7. Lando Norris (Great Britain) 35

8. Valtteri Bottas (end) 30

9. Esteban Ocon (France) 24

10. Kevin Magnussen (Den) 15

11- Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) 11

12- Yuki Tsunoda (Japan) 10

13. Pierre Gasly (France) 6

14. Fernando Alonso (Spain) 4

15. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) 4

16. Alexander Albon (Thailand) 2

17. Zhou Guanyu (CHN) 1

18. Lance Stroller (Pack) 1

19. Mick Schumacher (Germany) 0

20. Nico Hulkenberg (Germany) 0

21. Nicholas Latifi (Canada) 0

New York also wants the grand prize

After the success of the Miami GP, New York also wants to host an F1 race. Mayor Eric Adams called the head of Liberty Media to offer him a location.

>> More information here

Good morning all

Welcome to a live broadcast to follow the qualifications for the Spanish Grand Prix, the eighth meeting of the season at Barcelona. The first quarter is set to start at 4 p.m.

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