Food manufacturers in time with low agricultural food production

On the occasion of the opening of a feed mill in Neuville-sur-Escaut (59), the Unéal cooperative discusses the supply difficulties faced by feed manufacturers. If production is maintained, food processing via co-products puts food manufacturers in a state of dependence on other manufacturers, forcing them to constantly adapt.

Hauts-de-France is a region rich in agro-food industries, which is a boon toanimal feed who therefore has a lot Common Products. However, the bullish environment puts food manufacturers In a critical situation: joint products are not a priority for manufacturers, and some contracts are deteriorating. “Oil rippers have an interest in spinning, given the context, but not necessarily around the raw materials we need, even with shrinkage ! Francois Riquebush, Director of Animal Production at June Cooperative markInauguration of the animal feed production unit in Neuville-sur-Escott (59) May 5, 2022. The feed manufacturers are therefore not in a position to choose which products will be included in the rations, which they are obliged to doAdjust the formula according to the availability of raw materials.

However, the renovation of the feed factory shows the group’s desire for it Maintaining livestock feed production in the region To preserve this knowledge, Recovery of common products from industries in the region, and remains a local actor for breeders.

Suppliers do not honor their contracts

For both industry and farmers, it is increasingly growing hard to contract. The starch manufacturers we work with have to produce expensive raw materials and energy. Given the context, there is no progress in production, they are minimally invasive. Without contracts and limited activity, it becomes difficult to obtain joint products, when factories are not closed, which makes closing the site more profitable than producing at current price levels.

Beyond folders, the file Goods quality It should be borne in mind: “One of the Belgian ethanol producers who supplies us with spent corn decided to rely on genetically modified Brazilian corn, but it is not the same product.” If the necessary quantities of products can be found, Non-GMO raw materials are becoming rarer in the market, while Non-GMO Premium Exceeds 250 euros / ton per meal.

Food manufacturers no longer have a more long-term view than farmers. “We were warned a week ago that one of the factories would stop and that we would have a supply gap. We have already seen the factories shutting down, but what has not been seen before is that it concerns all sectors at the same time.”

“We classify breeders,” continues Cedric Cogniz, director of the Advitam Group, which seeks to meet the needs of all of its members in a tight market. “It has already happened that it is running after a few hours between the arrival of the raw materials at the factory and the departure of the trucks to the farms.”

bossadvetam Invites breeders to work on farm flexibility. An adaptation plan is being considered within the group to support farmers, but for Cedric Cogniz, there is no secret: “You have to be on top technically. A farmer has to be a good technician and a good manager. There is still a lot to do. Variation in production costs between farms. »

Spread out your purchases to determine the average price

It is difficult to gain insight into this context and develop purchasing strategies. “No one is smart, whoever claims to know what prices will do is completely wrong. In such a context, the least risky solution isSpread your purchases (or its sales) for the whole year Take advantage of the average price.

If bird flu contributes to reducing pressure on the meal market, it will be difficult for Cedric Cognese to decide on the next campaign. “It is dry in France as elsewhere, stocks are already very tight and I will spare you the situation in Ukraine and Russia. At this level of tension, the slightest risk can have price repercussions.”

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