Food Your Life – Discoveries May 2022

Each month, FOOD TA VIE discovers with you local and authentic artisans, merchants, and local businesses offering worm-free products related to the food world. Sometimes organic, sometimes gluten-free, and always made with love and passion! Good finds.

Kenko وجبة Meal

The latest revolution in the world of fast food!

Created in 2020 by a couple who are passionate about nutrition, Repas Kenko is gaining more and more followers by offering healthy, drinkable meals. Kenko meals are balanced and complete meals, containing proteins, carbohydrates and fats from natural ingredients.

The founders, Sandrine Jacques and Jean-Michel Corbel, were looking for an easy alternative to fast food, momentarily in a hurry or on the road; A solution that can replace an entire meal, without the need for cooking, refrigeration or preparation.

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my caffeine

The new flavor grinder for perfect grinding!

Luxury and versatility in a perfect tasting service! Discover quality in the cup, without compromise, with the new E8 and ENA 4 automatic espresso machines from Jura. Powerful machines, designed and at the forefront of technology for delicious and fully customizable drinks. The new Professional Flavor Mill delivers perfect grinding, state-of-the-art filtration processes release the full intensity of aromas, and creamy, thin milk froth ensures modern specialties are more successful than ever.

Plus, their maintenance system will make your life easier! The milk system is automatically cleaned at the touch of a button. Available online or in store.

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Jutsi Kombucha

A perfect alternative to your traditional energy drink!

Gutsy is proud to marry the power of adaptogenic herbs and fermentation to produce Adapt2, the first drink of its kind on the wellness market.

Adapt2 is a revolutionary natural drink with its integration with fermented adaptogenic plants, known to help the body adapt to stress, help regulate mood, improve cognitive function, stimulate the immune system, and provide energy.

Adapt2 is a blend of three adaptogenic herbs: ashwagandha, holy basil, and maca, to make a delicious, slightly sweet, fruity, soft drink. They differ from traditional energy drinks by being caffeine-free and low in sugar, preventing you from experiencing a cycle of energy booms and crashes for a sustainable, long-lasting effect that balances body and mind.

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Fattoush girls

Discover the richness of Syrian culture and cuisine

A social enterprise proudly Quebec provides job opportunities for new Syrians. With their ready-to-eat meals, their stall at the Jean Talon market (from 19 May), their recipe book and collection of spices and luxury products, Les Filles Fattoush wants to make people discover the richness of Syrian culture. dishes.

Each of their dishes is cooked with pride, and the utensils are handcrafted artisanally and with dignity here in Montreal. Follow them through the colorful and bustling markets of the Middle East as you taste or cook with their authentic Levantine products.

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La Ferme Marilau Inc.

Are you looking for healthy, local meat?

A family business that believes deeply in respect for life, passionate about agriculture and agri-food. Beef, veal, lamb and chicken are raised here, all without growth hormones or preventative antibiotics! The animals are fed mainly from grains (oats) and fodder grown in their fields, without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

You will not only find cuts of exceptional quality, but also many cooked meals, about 50 types of sausages and many cold cuts!

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Equinoxe – Farm Apple Juice

More than an orchard, more than a wine house!

In less than two years, they’ve not only taken on the organic role, but built a brand-new basement with a publicly accessible shop and farm terrace (from summer 2022), and their farmhouse wine brews, present in small numbers at many stalls in metropolis, have taken over Already on to many nature lovers, and this is just the beginning for these two young bon enthusiasts who are full of projects!

A new apple wine, the 2021 Reunion Smoothie, will arrive, even more tannic, with even more bitterness. This product comes from 2021 apple cider vinegar. This bottle costs $18.

Also new will be a visit to the apple trees in bloom mode, and a new gazebo as well as the online store starting in June!

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Mont Peak Sweets

A great alternative for diabetics or to reduce sugar consumption

Do you know Mont Peak sweets? This family business in Quebec, which celebrates its 40th anniversaryAnd This month’s birthday, we’re in the business of making low-calorie, no added sugar, gluten-free, peanut-free and keto-friendly desserts! yes! All this at a low price without compromising the quality and delicious taste of their products!

Mont-Bec sweets are available in more than 10 flavors and are a great alternative for diabetics and anyone who wants to reduce their sugar consumption.

All their sweets are presented in a practical and economical form. You can easily find them at the drugstore or in some grocery stores, or visit to see which retailers offer their products online.

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my caffeine

Great and customizable original gift idea!

Discover the thematic gift boxes from Ma Caffeine. A birth, a party, a retirement or simply as a gesture of appreciation to your employees or clients, their thematic gift boxes are created to emphasize the appreciation of someone important to you. Great and customizable original gift idea! You can attach a note to sign your gift, and the boxes can be sent directly to the person of your choice.

Delivery is free for orders of $65 or more. And if you want to add or change an item, that’s totally possible! In addition, Ma Caffeine collaborates with large companies in Quebec to bring you good local products to drink and eat. Spread, popcorn, caramel, chocolate, coffee… It’s an opportunity to discover more about the beautiful products in our region. Simply for the fun of giving!

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