Football: Alain Casanova’s great regret at Lausanne Sport


The French coach is convinced that the second half of the LS season would have been very different if he had taken charge of the team a month earlier.

Alain Casanova is convinced that the fate of LS could have been different if he had been given the coaching position a little earlier.

Eric Lafarge

Within a minute, Lausanne Sport would have brought down the all-new Swiss champion, Thursday evening at Letzigrund. A victory certainly wouldn’t have changed their sad fate, but it would have put a little peace of mind on the hearts of Stepan Kokorozovic and others. And a little color on Alan Casanova’s hungry balance sheet.

“I am disappointed with the result because we came close to achieving a great victory after a thrilling performance. Even if the equalizer in Zurich was not undeserved because of the second half, it is always frustrating to have a goal conceded in the last seconds of the match, and to win, we had to make The difference is more noticeable before you stop, or you succeed in making the break soon after the benefit is restored.

With only ten points scored during his 15 matches at the helm of the LS, Alan Casanova’s record did not live up to the expectations of those who called him up alongside a team that was then ninth in the standings. A very poor record due in large part to an initial run of six consecutive league defeats and a Swiss Cup elimination against Everdun, Challenge League contenders.

When asked if the LS track would have been different if it had arrived a month earlier, before the start of winter preparations for round two, the French technician’s answer breaks. “Yes! When I arrive (Editor’s note: Early February)The competition has already resumed and so we lost a month compared to Lucerne who also changed coaches but much earlier. During all these first weeks I had to get to know my players, find the right chemistry and the best possible organization on the pitch. All this took precious time, which our direct opponents took advantage of to escape.”

“During all these first weeks I had to get to know my players, find the right chemistry and the best possible organization on the pitch. All of this took valuable time, which our direct opponents took advantage of to escape.”

LS coach Alan Casanova

Dark-faced, Alain Casanova still added a little water to his mill. “By landing here a little earlier, I could also show my coaches the profile of the players I need. And then everything will be very different for us.”

Big and frustrated regrets won’t stop the French technician from trying to end his Lausanne adventure in the best possible way. “Both against Basel and against Zurich, we showed on the pitch that we really want to finish this season with dignity. It will be the same in the last two matches. In particular against Sion, next Thursday, where we are presented with a chance to win our last outing in front of our fans.

No gift for Sion Club

Shared goal by Stepan Kokorozovic. After responding to media requests, the Lausanne captain ran towards the thirty or so Lausanne supporters who made the trip to Zurich. The captain smiles, “Thanking them for going this route despite putting us in order is the least we can do.” I simply went to tell them that I understood their disappointment and that their support was important to us. Now the only thing you can do is complete this exercise with your head held high. Out of respect for the competition, the institution and ourselves, we want to show a good face to the end. Sion’s arrival at La Tuilière next Thursday will be a good opportunity to greet our fans by giving them a great victory. We don’t have the slightest gift for anyone.”

After a recent trip to St-Gall, Voodoo will enjoy a short vacation. “Even if it is not easy after relegation, Koke concludes, we will have to quickly re-package for a challenging league season that will be difficult. With the primary ambition to find the Premier League as quickly as possible that the club deserves.

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