From July 7 to the end…

On July 7, 2021, the Canadian was eliminated after game five of the Stanley Cup Final. A predictable setback, but it is short nonetheless. 1-0 Tampa Bay. Cup winning goal for Ross Colton. White game of 22 fend off the monster Vasilevskiy who, with extremely dry hair, celebrated a second invasion in a row.

Carrie Price led the CH team to the 2021 Grand Slam. On July 7, he saved 29 out of 30 balls on target via Tampa. Curry wanted that win. To him, and especially to his friend Webber, the one around whom the vanquished gathered at the sound of the siren.

They knew that Captain Shea had played the last game of his career. Webber arrived two and a half hours before his morning skating session to undergo the necessary preparatory treatments for him to get into his uniform and jump on the ice. no meaning.


That was on July 7, 2021. Exactly one year later, on July 7, 2022, the Canadian would win. After the collapse and the sequence of defeats, Montreal knows the next July 7 scenario. He won the lottery draft.

No doubt about it, Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Martin St. Louis will take to the podium to announce the organization’s selection.

Try to imagine CH calls a timeout and Gary Bettman says he has a deal to announce. nightmare. Hockey is increasingly joining the spectator sports spectrum. This phenomenon propelled the NBA to high levels of popularity in the United States.

And since there is no certainty as to the true potential of the next auction’s best odds, no general manager of the league is going to empty the testicle to get their hands on the first pick.

There is no room for error

Which brings us back to CH. Gorton & Hughes can’t be wrong and doesn’t want to. This choice, they would not be able to discredit anyone.

They did not replace Trevor Timmins, which made them able to lead the enlisted forces at auction. Furthermore, it will be their first choice to lead Canadians. Hughes was the first to serve as General Motors.

It is very likely that they play the buttocks. For Shane Wright’s claim above who’s been swirling around a bunch of doubts for the past month. At least until the lottery Tuesday. Once CH’s first selection was confirmed, the wave launched into good standing on social media.

Fans have drifted away and want to be there on July 7 to announce the arrival of Shane Wright, nothing short of reverence in the social scene for a few days…

From defeat to victory

From July 7 to the other, the deterioration of CH is still crazy. The unexpected summit climax, the Stanley Cup Final, a symbol of victory in 2021. Then an abyss into the depths of anguish in the accumulated defeats on the Path of Mercy.

Ironically, July 7, 2021 will be under the stamp of defeat while July 7, 2022 will be under the stamp of victory…

a blow to the heart


In Rimouski Oceanic. According to the latest news, there are still quite a few players coughing as a result of the ongoing flu pandemic. Considering the ages, they were on par with the AAA dwarf team against Saint-John, an MLS club. However, they beat the Memorial Cup hosts in overtime of the final. Congratulations to the children but also Serge Beausoleil and Alexander Tangway.



Al Charest / Calgary Sun / QMI . Agency

in the NHL. This is what happens when your rules are written in gray on a gray page. Nobody understands anything about her. and allow Jacob Troup for the presidency of two Penguin stars on the same night, which resulted in Sidney Crosby being taken out of the game with impunity. The NFL and the National Basketball Association knew that the money would double if they protect their best players. The NHL loves this kind of “playoff” hockey…

little 2 on…


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Another victory for the intriguing CF Montreal. How teacher 11 Wilfried Nancy Could he falter in Charlotte tonight against an expansion club? I know, in many ways. But I like to believe it won’t be like that this time. That blue and white black would know how to run. Smell the blood. Will it last until November? I’m not sure. But in the meantime, it’s beautiful.

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