From the submarine to the premise of the “soft eighth tone”, and from hope to anger for families

January 15, 2004 12.35 noon, solid Breton fishing vessel Bogald Briza, sank suddenly off Cape Lizard, southern England, killing five experienced fishermen. What happened ? The path of a rogue cargo ship, which was to escape after a brutal collision, replaces the hypothesis of a collision with a submarine, which was soon taken into account by the families of the missing. This latter possibility emerges when the investigation turns to a Dutch submarine located in the area. Finally, the two suspects were soon exonerated…

Independent experts revive submarine thesis

Two years after the sinking, two independent experts were commissioned by investigative judges. Their conclusions revive the submarine thesis – and the hopes of the families, who have always defended this version. According to experts, in fact, only an external force, that is, outside the fishing vessel, can cause such a rapid sinking (in less than a minute). “The only explanation for the sinking is that something pulled one of the cables connecting Bogald Briza for trawlsummarizes Dominic Tricaud, one of the families’ attorneys. Obviously we are thinking of a submarine.

“It’s either a very big whale or a submarine. And for those who want to believe in whales, well, they love animals, it’s cool!”

Thierry Lemaitre, son of the mechanic who disappeared in “Bogald Breeze”

In “Sensitive Matters”

This is the first time experts have given credence to the families’ thesis: In this scenario, the submarine may have disrupted an outlet cable. Bogald Briza with rear rudder. He would then drag this steel cable, called “fune”, for tens of metres, before breaking free and continuing on his way. Traces of friction have also been observed on this twisted port. Another very important element, confirms Pascal Baudrey, journalist at cable Specialized in the coil, this port warp was found to be loose 150m more than the right-hand warp. “Like a warp it can’t be brokenhe explains, It is the boat that goes to the bottom with the submarine…”

Families regain hope: Finally, the investigation appears to be heading toward what they suspected from the start.

“Moi, je me dis qu’il ya un travail qui est fait vers la vérité. Et je vois des gens salomeux, qui démontrent techniquement que ce bateau n’a pas pu couler tout seul. Ce bateau n’a pas pu couler lonely” !”

Thierry Lemitaire

In “Sensitive Matters”

However, a year and a half later, their hopes were dashed by another report: the BEA mer report. This administrative body of the Ministry of Transport was investigated in parallel with justice. And he has a radically different reading from the early experts.

Report from BEA Mer leans towards a hunting accident

According to BEA mer, trawls from Bogald Briza The dunes would have been stuck to the bottom of the water. Failure to comply with safety rules and weather conditions would have done the rest… and caused drowning. Fishermen call this type of accident a “soft hook.”

Except in case BujalidOn perfectly flat sandy ground (…)? Nobody believes that‘, sums up Thierry Lemtier’s attorney. Neither the boat owner, sure of his crew and his skills—which would have enabled him to make ends meet, he says—nor the fishermen and their families, are upset by such a conclusion.

“All the boats in the area, there, and nowhere else, who work in the dunes every day…well, they have to get back to port quickly…because they’re in danger, guys! Stop the bullshit!” Soft eighth note ‘…”

Frédéric Stephan, second in “L’Eridan”

In “Sensitive Matters”

Convinced that the French state wanted to conceal the issue, the civil parties let their anger erupt. At first, the investigative judges will not follow the conclusions of the sea BEA: they continue to dig the path of the submarine. But their investigation will face a double hurdle: it is international, and it touches defense secrets…

Excerpted from “Bugaled Breizh: Shipwreck in Troubled Waters,” an investigation to appear April 4, 2022 in “Sensitive Affairs,” a journal presented by Fabrice Druelle and co-produced by France Télévisions, France Inter and INA according to the original. Radio France Inter.

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