From volleyball to bodybuilding

sports. Patrick Boleyn started coaching at the age of 18. At first he was doing it to get better at volleyball. One thing leads to another, he developed an interest in indoor strength training. From that moment on, the encounters and workouts he followed gradually led him to become interested in bodybuilding, and today, at the age of 43, he has reaped the fruits of his efforts by winning honors titles at the Ultimate Fitness Event on May 7. , in Coburg, Ontario.

“It’s crazy cruel!” , launched Agapitois who has not only won first place in the “Master” category for 40 years and over, but also in the “Open” category. At that time, he was measuring himself with athletes much younger than him. He concluded, “It gives me the motivation for the years to come and I feel like I am.”

The adventure began last year when he took a fellow sports fan under his wing. The two were training for a virtual competition. The employer noticed their efforts and provided them with support as a sponsor, but also to provide the necessary environment for filming and taking the necessary photos.

“All the way, the breakup arrives. I tell myself I have a sponsorship from my employer, and I want to invest it in my sport. I tell myself I will try my hand at Ontario, if I can do a good job and see where my 43-year-old is. I go out there and win it all.” Absolutely everything.. I said to myself: There is something going on. […] I loved my experience, I stumbled,” he said with great enthusiasm.

take action

The results that Patrick Boleyn was able to obtain are the result of intense training. For four months, he trained three times a day: On the program, one cardio session and two weight training sessions each day. He watches what he eats on a daily basis. Every day he eats seven to eight meals that consist primarily of protein and good fats. He also eats carbohydrates at specific times in order to get the energy needed for his workouts.

To keep her motivated, her trick is simple. He maintains a desire to be better than himself. “It’s about wanting to surpass yourself. My goal every time is to be better against me. It doesn’t beat others. I want to improve myself as a person. It’s both internal and external work. I’m healthy to do it at 70, I’ll do it until I’m 70.

Other than that, when he’s not preparing for a competition, he trains five times a week and saves weekends to live a fairly normal life.

normal exercise

Unlike other athletes in this discipline, Patrick Bolin exercises and competes with natural bodybuilders. It does not use steroids or other substances that increase muscle mass.

“I play this sport for health. If I like something so much, I want to do it for a long time. I won’t train at the expense of my health. That’s why I went to it. I saw that the human body can do so much naturally. You don’t need doping products to function properly. Good and responsive. At age 43, I wouldn’t have this condition if the body didn’t respond well, if the heart didn’t work well,” Mr. Boleyn analyzed.

He points out that steroids can put a person’s health at risk and that the occupations of those who use these products are generally not very long. “The results show when you put in the effort, good nutrition and rest. I see no reason to go to the dark side of the force.”

future goal

“It has been a very good year. I have a finish in Tabarrowit and I live my passion 100%. Patrick Boleyn could also win the title of Mr. Health & Fitness. He is currently in third place in the competition organized by Muscle & Fitness magazine.

In addition to being able to appear on the magazine’s pages, the winner receives a $20,000 scholarship. If he wins this competition, it will provide him with the financial means to achieve his next goal, which is to participate in another competition to be held in Paris.

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