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Sun flower oil. The supply of sunflower oil was very difficult for a few days. It will continue until alternative solutions to replacing sunflower oil are plentiful. But beware, not all of them have the same effect on your health…and your budget!

[Mis à jour le 2 mai 2022 à 16h07] It is increasingly difficult to find sunflower oil in supermarkets and wholesalers for catering professionals. Bad news, will continue! Stocks have thawed in recent days and it seems hard to imagine a return to normal soon, given international tensions in this market, which was born in the wake of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the world’s largest producer of sunflower at more than 50% by volumes. Sold.

The astonishing rise in the prices of sunflower seeds must continue for many reasons, either because sowing cannot be done in large numbers (lack of fields but above all in manpower) or because sea and land routes for export are closed, by the Russians. The army (especially in the Azov and Black seas) is saturated or difficult to use. Are we heading towards a real shortage? Can sunflower oil be replaced with another oil? Here’s all the practical information below as well as our detailed profile.

You struggle to find sunflower oil and are looking for substitutes for your cooking recipes. Know that you are not the only one: olives, rapeseed, peanuts whose consumption has also increased sharply: up to +78% for rapeseed oil according to Emily Meyer, an expert in consumer products at the Iri Institute and surveyed by Le Parisien. But what oil is better to turn to? It all depends on the recipe and your tastes:

  • To season a salad or make mayonnaise for example, any kind of oil is possible. It all depends above all on your taste in this matter because olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil gives a more pronounced flavor than, for example, rapeseed. Otherwise, why not try grape seed oil?
  • Linseed, walnut, or hazelnut oils can also be used in salads. But be careful, it should never be heated!
  • For cooking, you will need to choose an oil that can withstand large increases in temperature. For cooking in a frying pan, choose a neutral-tasting rapeseed oil that will be more economical than olive, coconut, or even avocado oil. Peanut oil may be an option, but watch out for allergens. The taste will also be more pronounced.
  • Which olive oil to choose? If you do not want the obvious taste of olive oil in your dishes, choose a mild olive oil and preferably extra virgin olive oil.
  • Butter can also replace vegetable oils but its consumption should be measured to reduce the intake of saturated fats that cause cholesterol. “The recommended daily maximum is 30 grams for men, versus 20 grams for women,” says nutritionist Charlotte Debogny at Figaro Columns.

Can rapeseed oil replace sunflower oil for frying?

For fried foods, on the other hand, the situation becomes more complicated. Oil frying imposes very high temperatures (up to about 200 degrees), which requires a stable oil. This is the case of sunflower oil or the so-called special frying oil that contains large amounts of sunflower oil. However, this is not the case for other oils, including rapeseed oil, which is less resistant to high temperatures. The bottles also often specify that they should not be used hot, in no way to the point of smoking because the omega 3 and 6 they contain do not withstand this heat. Too high the temperature of vegetable oils will cause the spread of toxic substances, “aldehydes”, which are considered carcinogens. Therefore the use of these oils for frying, even rapeseed oil, is especially prohibited with one exception: HOLL rapeseed oil, specially formulated for this purpose and which can be preserved at more than 200 degrees in the same way as HO sunflower oil. On the other hand, you can choose olive oil, which is more expensive but will provide a very nice crisp, limiting the temperature rise to 160 degrees if possible. The final solution is peanut oil that resists high temperatures. But beware in this case of allergens! Finally, if the taste doesn’t bother you, animal fat still has a solution: duck, goose, or lard with beef fat will do.

Is there a shortage of sunflower oil, what are the stocks?

There is no shortage at the moment but real difficulties in restocking and supply have been observed in equal measure among wholesalers as in supermarkets. In France, today, there is no shortage of daily consumption and there will not be until summer. There is pasta. For sunflower oil, our stocks last until June. Consumers are beginning to overstock, it is they who are causing not to restock the shelves.” The tendency to stockpiling is also felt among Echos, the Lesieur brand, the leader in France, claims that consumption has jumped by 40% in a few weeks, and as a result, in a few weeks, supermarket shelves have emptied at breakneck speed, usually It’s a stable market and we can’t double our production capacity in three weeks.Adjusting our production takes time, warned the Avril Group (Lesieur, Puget), in an interview with CheckNews for Liberation. However, we have enough stock to continue our delivery until the next harvest in October.” Don’t panic!

Where can I find sunflower oil?

Distrust! With the growing shortage, prices have gone up in many places. Online, you can even find sunflower oil bargained for exorbitant prices on sites like Le Bon Coin or Amazon. The best thing is to keep an eye on the inventory in your supermarket, to tell store managers about possible supplies…and have a little luck and patience! In many supermarkets, quantities have been rationed: often no more than six bottles per customer, while border supermarkets have also seen an influx from neighboring countries, notably Germany, where valuable oil is also sought. One last tip: to reduce the effects of this deficiency, consume only what you need and, if possible, take back other oils when possible.

How much is sunflower oil?

With the increase in the price of sunflower seeds and supply difficulties, the price of a liter of sunflower oil has already been hit hard by the heat: according to INSEE, the price of a ton of sunflower oil on the market rose from $1,500 last February to more than $2,250 in March, a record! The outbreak is expected to continue. At the moment, the consequences are not really visible in stores because stocks are still based on old prices. What will happen this summer and especially next winter? Here we address the great unknown of this crisis situation. To give you an idea, you should know that you can still find cans of sunflower oil for about 2 euros per liter at an affordable price and about 3 to 4 euros for the big brand or so-called premium references. You still have to find it on the shelves. Speculation has already spread on the Internet, since cans of oil can be found at exorbitant prices on online selling sites: from 10 to 25 euros per liter of sunflower oil on Amazon or Ebay!

Will the shortage of sunflower oil affect the prices of french fries in restaurants?

For restaurateurs, these sourcing difficulties seem like a real headache. Restaurants used to serve fried foods (fries and also tempuras, donuts or fried fish such as carp and French fries in Alsace) should be particularly affected. Because those who say supply difficulties and shortages also say high prices! Sunflower oil prices have already jumped, after sunflower seed prices have doubled in just a few weeks. As restoration craftsmen, We know how to find substitutes, especially with beef or duck fat. We can also choose apples that are grilled or sauteed, which fast food cannot do”, explains Jean Terlon, Vice President of UMIH (Union des Métiers et des Industries Hôtelières) interviewed by La Dépêche. Thus, to change the menu or increases in some dishes. On the other hand, fast food has no choice and should be forced to increase their prices.The whole strategy will include making this increase as painless as possible, by keeping call prices on inexpensive menus or flagship products such as children’s menus and increasing them on higher quality products.

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