Full review of the electric sports SUV

A 100% sporty version of the Model Y, Tesla’s electric SUV has two clear ambitions: dynamic and efficient. So what is it worth on a daily basis? Here is our performance review of the Tesla Model Y.

Imagine, an electric SUV aimed at both everyday use and as dynamism as desired. Designed for family outings and fun individual short outings. Anyway, that’s what the aptly named Model Y offers, straight from Berlin. The first Tesla model was produced in Europe inside the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, it even allows itself some characteristics. Design, comfort, performance, autonomy… Let’s go for a few days at the wheel of a Tesla Model Y Performance.

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Tesla Model Y Performance profile: a familiar SUV

As an avid reader of Automobile Propre, you actually discovered the Model Y through a test drive a few months ago. Today we are back with the “sport” version of the family SUV, newly arrived from Berlin. Let’s start with what doesn’t change: the pattern. Designed with a Model 3 “SUV-ized”, our Y Performance retains a graceful look and feel. Halfway between the compact and large SUV, it measures 4.75 meters in length and 1.97 meters in width. The generous dimensions are similar, softened by the simple black color of our test model. The proportions are more pleasing as our Performance version has been lowered a bit and fitted with 21-inch tires. Details that make the SUV more satisfying than its long-auto counterpart, and it’s only available in 19 or 20 inches.

Performance package: ubersportiv!

Like the Model 3, the Tesla Model Y Performance is decked out with some sporty assets. From aesthetics to performance, standard equipment includes:

  • berturbine 21 inch rims
  • Carbon fiber spoiler
  • aluminum crank
  • low comment
  • Performance brake
  • The maximum speed is 250 km / h (compared to 217 km / h).
  • From acceleration to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds (against 5 seconds)

Other small features, only present in the model Made in Berlin At the moment, is there. Note for example the presence of a solid rear rack, as well as hooks in the trunk of the car. Rear passengers also benefit from double Tesla Glass. Both the front and rear seats have been upgraded and offer improved lateral support with more contoured edges. Finally, the serial number begins with XP7 for Berlin, as well as 5YJ (Fremont) and LRW (Shanghai).

Life on board: a high-tech work environment

On board, the Tesla Model Y Performance puts it all on the large 15-inch touchpad. It is she who serves as a dashboard and a multimedia interface, not to mention all the controls and parameters of the car. There are no instruments or gauges behind the wheel, everything is done from a large concrete slab. If adherents of physical controls (your servant is one of them) will regret some physical controls such as air conditioning, it is clear that all contribute to a particularly elegant atmosphere in the passenger compartment. Two wheel buttons on the steering wheel, a joystick, and a tablet are enough to control everything. Our black interior sparkles with sobriety, elegant and slightly futuristic. A special mention is the AMD Ryzen processor behind the screen, which most geeks will appreciate the fluidity it provides under their fingers.

Mobile APP: full control and sentinel mode

Let’s talk a little bit about the Tesla mobile app, which is worth a few moments. Once installed and linked to the vehicle, the app gives us complete control over the performance of our Tesla Model Y. It is possible to lock and unlock the car, or ventilate it by lowering the four windows slightly. The same for opening and closing the trunk, and the front trunk (opening only). Ventilation and start-up programming and speed limit setting are also provided. Special indication of Sentinel mode, which allows you to monitor the surroundings of the car and use the speakerphone in real time. Very effective, the app has been fully responsive throughout our use. Note, however, that a poor network connection may cause some slowdowns and latency.

Comfort and spaciousness: high capacity

The Tesla Model Y Performance welcomes us with more comfortable seats, thanks to its optimized lateral support. The driver and passengers are all well seated. Only the middle rear passenger will feel a little comfortable on a less comfortable “hump,” as is often the case. The electric SUV is no exception, but it is still very far from being the worst student in the field. Fortunately, the flat floor and headroom provide first-class room for the whole family. Leg space, which is very important, also eliminates discomfort in the knees. The loading volume is 117 liters for the front trunk and 854 liters for the rear. Altogether, no less than 2,158 liters are available when the rear seats are folded down! Almost flat, the obtained floor makes the Tesla Model Y Performance the perfect little tool when you need it.

Electrical performance: functional or athletic?

Why not both after all? Under the hood (well, not really), the Tesla Model Y Performance is powered by a two-wheel drive motor. This combines 377 kW (510 hp) of torque to 660 Nm. In practice, these values ​​​​lead to a very pronounced acceleration: from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds. More impressive performance considering the nearly 1,995 kg electric SUV. Concretely, if stopping starts to make us “feel” a little bit the weight of the car, then this feeling disappears from 50 km / h. With acceleration set to Sporty, there are interactions and reminders in all conditions.

In real conditions, excesses and insertions are no concern. Again, the feeling is impressive when you know you’re in an SUV. The maximum speed of 250 km / h is also reached without much effort (on a closed road, of course). After the electric start “kick”, the Model Y’s performance develops smoothly and silently. Very noticeable rest as well within the family on a daily basis, as during the weekend fun walks. In normal times, we prefer the standard mode, which is more than enough for every day.

Behavior and Handling: Mathematical Control

Performance paired with demeanor and comfort match the athletic traits of the beast! Unlike the Grande Autonomie, here we are looking for sportiness and dynamism. Character embodied in the lowered suspension and 21-inch tires for our performance. Speaking of rims, Tesla regulars are almost unanimous: You’re not part of the club until you rub one. It is unfortunate that your lab has joined this non-exclusive club. A small gap courtesy of a street with irregular sidewalks would be enough to make the first edge of my career. Sorry Tesla! Überturbine, it’s sleek but understated, overflowing with a bit of tire, would be perfect. Definitely stronger, yet our Y remains surprisingly comfortable when attacking, without ever jumping even when rolling empty.

Contact with the ground is ensured by a Pirelli P Zero PNCS 255 mm wide. Tires are as effective as they are silent, which locks SUVs on bitumen. At full acceleration and even in cornering support, roll is almost non-existent. Only the steering adjustment will change the feeling behind the wheel, depending on the chosen mode. Finally, the only spot about the SUV’s size is the high-speed braking. Performance brakes are very efficient but generate an expected sway when braking at a force of more than 200 km/h (necessarily). Fortunately a problem that does not appear in everyday driving. In general, the sporty character of the Tesla Model Y Performance is already there, and it is well controlled.

Autonomy and charging: exemplary efficiency

Finally, let’s talk about independence. The Tesla Model Y Performance is powered by a useful 77 kWh battery (82 kWh total). What advertises a range of up to 514 km, with an average consumption of 17.3 kWh / 100 km. For once, our Tesla is very close to the values ​​declared by WLTP. Aside from the 0-100 km/h phases and other peak speeds (we assure you, not too much was done for our measurements, battery waste is not the goal, let alone rubber and brakes!), and strict respect for speed limits on our mixed courses, here are our results.

  • 16 kWh / 100 km at standard acceleration
  • Approximately 508 km in record acceleration
  • 17 kWh / 100 km in sporty acceleration
  • About 479 km in sporty acceleration
  • 20 kWh/100 km Sport Driving + Overtaking

Same observation as we tested the Model Y: it’s hard to be more efficient in the electric SUV segment! On the charging side, the Tesla Model Y Performance easily accepts supercharging of up to 250 kW. It is enough to restore almost 241 km in just 15 minutes. On a long path, it’s just a short break and you go away. With 100 stations and 1,000 charging points in France, and with an average price of 0.46€/kWh in France currently, charging is fast and economical. If necessary, 11 kW charger for home charging.

Tesla Model Y performance: from 66,990 euros

The Tesla Model Y Performance is sold from 66,990 euros (excluding bonuses). In Plain Black (+ 1,190 €), our test model is offered at a price of 68,180 €. As always with Tesla, quite a few additional options are offered, which complement the standard equipment. From the huge panoramic roof to the reclining rear seats, there’s not much to add. Only black and white interior (+ € 1,190), improved Autopilot (+ € 3,800) and fully autonomous ( € 7,500) are available. Finally, a towing hook is also available that allows towing up to 1,600 kg. Obviously, it would be difficult to be more efficient and effective in the family sports utility vehicle class. And at “only” €4,000 more than the Grande Autonomie, for delivery from August 2022 depending on the configuration, the Tesla Model Y Performance is an on-demand hit.

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