Furiani disaster: “May 5, 92”, the hours before the tragedy in 26 minutes

In her first 26-minute short film, Corinne Mattei recalls the jubilant day that preceded the Furiani disaster. The public will be able to discover it during the festivities. Nicholas Poole, who plays a key role in the movie, takes a look at this adventure

Getting close to Commemorating 30 years subordinate Furyani disasterThe audience will soon find out short film Twenty-six minutes from Corinne Matty May 5, 92. The actress was personally affected by this drama, implemented this project for four years. The premiere of the film will be on Tuesday, May 3rd at Spaziu Culturale Carlu Rocchi from Begoglia. It will also be shown the next day in Armand Cesari Stadiumon the occasion of a big day of remembrance and before the celebration match.

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This intimate film makes us relive, through children’s eyes, the day before a disaster. Actor Nicholas Poole plays his father, a sports journalist.

Nicola, you were born in 1983, you were nine at the time of the disaster?

Yeah. I remember it more because I dreamed of going to the stadium that night. Firstly because all my Moriani friends went there but also because I was a real supporter. Intrigued by Sporting and this great OM team. I was playing as a goalkeeper. I let you imagine my disappointment…

A bit like Roman in the movie?

The story is very close to what I experienced. Just like Roman, played by Mark Andrea Sana, it was my parents who refused to let me go. When I read the text, that memory took on even greater meaning. I couldn’t stop thinking about it when casting, I really wanted the part. Roman’s parents are torn over this issue. The two views respect each other. In the movie, it’s his birthday and I want to take him to the playground while his mom struggles not to let him go. She refuses to see her child grow up.

You play the role of the father but also the sports journalist. A profession affected by this disaster…

Yes terrible! It’s also part of the role that piqued my interest. Journalist play icon. In one cut scene during editing, I’m in the office reviewing papers, articles, and licenses related to the platform. I want to make sure there are no risks before I take my son to the playground.

The movie “May 5 92” is highly anticipated…

necessarily. It is the first fictional story to return to this drama and its release coincides with the 30th anniversary commemoration. Corinne chose to say “the front,” joy and cheer for the day. But we still feel, right from the start, incredibly nervous because we all know what’s going to happen next. At the end of filming we were on the present western stage. The extras were re-enacting the scene. We were living a difficult moment. I remember having trouble keeping a certain look. I ended up crossing Didier Grassi. He came to tell me about what he had been through and the emotion of being there. He reassured me and removed the weight I had been carrying since the beginning of filming.

weight ?

Yes, we didn’t want to monkey and cheat. It is a film that shows all layers of society. Everyone, in the end, was affected by this disaster. But I am very happy and very proud to be part of this adventure. To bring, in all humility, my stone to the project.

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Was it important that the film be directed by someone affected by the drama?

undeniable. I played in my choice because I knew Corinne would let me go as accurately as possible. She’s definitely the best in making a movie in 30 years. She fought, and had the courage to put up with this closely touching story. She was in all positions but well surrounded. It was important to find the right conditions and the right people like Jean-Michel Martinet in the frame. For the actor, this changes everything. He has his own way of talking to us and reassuring us. With Mark Andrea and Caroline Faustinelli, he quickly created a great bond. And we also laughed a lot on the set, reflecting the joy that radiated on that day…before the tragedy.

Will the movie be shown in the next few days?

The premiere takes place at the Espace Culturel Charles Rocchi in Biguglia and will then be shown at the stadium before the commemorative match. You can also see it at my place, in San Giuliano. The mayor insisted that an examination be conducted and I would be there to accompany him, and I dread the reception of the public. Nuits Med is also organizing a screening at the Cannes Film Festival on May 24, as part of Short film corner.

Is it a movie about Sporting but also a little bit about Corsica at the time?

Yes, it is a romantic movie too! We feel the sweetness of life and the neglect of this time. We must not forget that it was a day of celebration. I loved going back to my memories, seeing the shirts of these clubs that used to decorate my room. Discovering the first pictures, I had the real impression of going back to childhood. So also I wanted to play my character, a bit like Pebble, with a smile on my face.

Do you shoot a lot in Corsica?

She has acted in several short films about the island. You can see me this year in the movie Corinne and in the movie Stephane Rigoli, good, Ensha allah. I was also in the series Back to Corsica And I’ll shoot here, in two weeks, an episode of Candice Renoir. I play a somewhat smelly hotel manager. Looks like I did great in exams [rires].

What do you think of Al Jazeera cinema?

I got involved with Frédéric Varocci, and even if the project is in standby mode, I dream of playing in one of his films. I also just saw I’m the culprit. I love Pascal Tagnati’s work, he has this talent for conveying the atmosphere. This is madness. I would love to be directed to the cinema or to the theatre. It works with a “scalpel” and I like that requirement. It reminds me of Lorient Jouyer’s approach.

Do you have other projects?

We have some dates left with the play What if we no longer lie to each other?

I also participate in castings. There is little emphasis in our profession, it is not always easy. Fortunately, when I get home, between two shots, I resume my work as a farmer. A really helpful return to my roots and back to my land!

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