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Famous author, philosopher and sociologist Frédéric Lenoir, who is already the author of about fifty books representing sales of more than seven million copies worldwide, has seen, in his new biographical book on psychiatry of well-known Swiss origin internationally, Carl Gustav Jung. to whom we owe several concepts, including the collective unconscious and synchronicity. As in many of his previous books, the French author presents a way to grow in humanity and give meaning to life.

Frédéric Lenoir, a specialist in existential issues who embraces topics related to happiness and well-being, to which is added a spiritual touch, wanted in this new work to look at the master of psychiatry, what we today simply call Jung. The author also considers that Jung, who died in 1961, is undoubtedly the person who went further in the sense of human beings, however complex they may be, in addition to the meaning of existence.

If Jung was for several years a close associate of Sigmund Freud, some existential questions made him walk away from him, even if he made some enemies on the side of the Freudians. In addition, Jung was attacked by theologians and religious authorities, particularly because of his criticism of religion. These visionary ideas about the unconscious and synchronicity run counter to traditional Christian beliefs. There was nothing conservative about deciphering the messages of the unconscious through one’s dreams and linking psychology and quantum physics at the time.

Moreover, Jung, with his open mind and his experiences, developed his theory of synchronicities. Thus, when we are interested in a question and seek answers, synchronicity will ensure that the answers come on their own, provided we pay attention to the various signs that come to us at the right time. His vision means that he will also be interested in so-called paranormal phenomena, in particular sharpness, telepathy and spiritualism. Unlike Freud who claimed that all these phenomena were only illusions, Jung has the strong conviction that most of these phenomena really exist, even if, at the scientific level, it is impossible to prove anything.

A sense of existence

Among the great theories of Jung, who aspired to a better world, the strongest is undoubtedly the importance of giving meaning to life. The decline of religious beliefs in our western world has left a huge void in this regard. When one is unable to make sense of his existence and life, he falls into anxiety or regret. Conversely, those who manage to find their way and thus give meaning to life are those who are less subject to psychological suffering. Understanding makes life more difficult and the many pitfalls. Even if it’s hard to find this famous meaning, the work is worth it. It is called self-actualization in an area that is close to our hearts and often leads to a full life and a sense of fulfillment.

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Jung A journey towards yourself

Author Claudia Rainville, psychotherapist and founder of metametrics, which became especially known for G.dictionary rand metmedicine, has a habit of writing about diseases that connect the body and emotions. In his new book, Love and Alchemy, it addresses a new topic: relationship in couple. According to her, if we want to live in harmony in the couple, we must first harmonize the man and the woman in themselves, as we are all endowed with this masculine and feminine polarity. Through some examples, the author explains how couples could get along better and live happier relationships if they could better integrate this polarity into their daily lives. Unfortunately, the author makes us realize that, in a society that is still too patriarchal, which can only exist in a balance of power between the dominant and the dominated, and without which this balance of power collapses, it is time to intervene. the basis for changing things to move towards an androgynous society. If doubts kill love, you should know that faith helps it to grow and flourish. And love, whatever form it takes, is essential to being happy. This is a book that inspires thought on this topic.

The sweetness of Winter

Jung A journey towards yourself

If for many winters it is a wonderful season to practice various exciting sports, the author connects winter with the idea of ​​rest, attraction and love for each other in difficult times, a bit like some animals that overwinter for many months. In her perception, the British author associates winter with melancholy and disappointment. What makes you want to invite him here, in Quebec, where the sun, on certain days, can shine with a thousand lights, making the hairs of the newly landed snow in our coniferous forests shine like crystal-like divine sparks sublime. Fortunately, it also evokes the idea of ​​radiating heat and light into our hearts. This is what his book talks about. If you are one of those who experience winter with gloom, this book will bring you comfort.

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