Gregory Charles’s passage for everyone talking about leaves no one indifferent

The least we can say is that the transition from Gregory Charles to Everyone talks about it yesterday, 1Well May, caused a strong reaction on social networks.

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The singer was invited to comment on his latest release about education at press where he suggests, among other things, the abolition of free education and the return of special classes for girls and boys to meet their needs, which he considers different. This text being on everyone’s lips last week, it was normal for Guy A. Lepage and his team to invite him to talk about it.

First of all, the professor i Academy of Stars admitted that he did not expect such a reaction from the public and education professionals when publishing his text.

“I did not doubt it. But somehow, even though I have far fewer friends now than I did last week, I am pleasantly surprised that it is stirring like this. “I repeat: it was not my intention to agitate and drink shit, but I am happy, because it is not like we talk a lot about education”, he said. he explains.

To return to the topic, Everyone talks about it had also invited Normand Baillargeon, philosopher, essayist and former professor of education sciences at UQAM, to leave room for a healthy debate on an important topic. However, according to some internet users, the debate was not really like that.

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Indeed, even if everything happened respectfully and without insult, some viewers noticed that Gregory, very passionate about the topic, left very little room for Mr. Baillargeon and did not listen to what he had to say.

Here are some comments collected on social media:

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Some even complained that a few days after the publication of his work and after hearing the arguments of professionals, Gregory made the same comments:

However, others in Quebecer absolutely agreed with what the artist was saying:

What is quite unanimous, on the other hand, is that viewers were happy to see a debate on television, something we rarely see, and Everyone talks about it is the ideal format for this type of discussion.

One thing is for sure, the subject is causing a lot of reactions!

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