Guide: Choosing the right clothes for a good bike ride

The key to being comfortable on the bike is wearing the right clothes. With cycling season upon us, it’s time to take a look at the men’s and women’s trends to inspire you and prepare well to ride in peace, all season long. season!

The ultimate destination for well-equipped on the bike, sports experts have everything you need to get ready for the summer cycling season. The retailer offers everything to satisfy sports fans, plus there are Quebec brands that will delight cyclists who love new adventures.

With fine weather approaching and the desire to ride in comfort and style, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and get your hands on clothes that will allow you to enjoy summer on the bike to the fullest!

Jolly Ride and Peppermint Cycling: Women’s Fit Apparel

Quebec’s Jolie Ride Co brand is radiant, colorful and feminine. The brand’s founder, Marie-Amélie Guilbault, says she wanted to create appropriate clothing for women in order to allow them to have beautiful, comfortable goods. The line, which has been around since 2016, offers cycling apparel designed to make women feel beautiful and perform well at work!

Peppermint Cycling Co. It’s another homegrown brand that shines! A true breath of fresh air with its vibrant collections that hug the feminine figure, the brand emphasizes cuts tailored for women. Peppermint Cycling Co. offers. Founded by twins Michel and Veronique Bastien, carefully developed innovative and inspiring paths. The Quebec Group offers clothing with perfect cuts, and the founders pay great attention to detail in all their creations.

So what would a basic wardrobe look like for maximum fun and comfort on a bike?

shorts: This item is essential to your comfort when riding, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to experiment with some models to compare sizes and styles. Women sometimes prefer long pants to avoid narrow thighs. Also remember to rate the chamois, the goal of which is to reduce saddle pressure points on the crotch as well as reduce pedal-induced friction. A high-quality chamois will have different thicknesses at different contact points in an effort to provide more comfort.

swimwear: Here, many options are available to you. The jerseys allow you to easily move around, whether it is loose-fitting, loose-fitting or even body-hugging. We prefer models made of breathable fabric in order to quickly wick away sweat and maximize comfort. A word of advice: consider choosing a model with a pocket, very practical to pull your keys or phone.

Helmet: Protection first! Whether you ride a hybrid bike, mountain road, BMX or hybrid bike, don’t forget to wear a helmet at all times when riding your bike.

Women’s necessities

Quality and fun with Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau in Quebec creates innovative products aimed at encouraging cyclists to ride and discover the sport. For men, a well-breathed shirt is the perfect piece to ride with confidence.

Louis Garneau offers well-thought-out clothing that combines utility, fun and comfort by adding pockets, backing, elastic bands, and reflective elements, which makes a big difference!

Sports experts also offer several brands suitable for cycling, including Craft and Diamondback.

Men’s essentials

Tips for getting ready for a bike

In addition to comfort, you have to think about safety, which is why sports experts offer a range of accessories from the best brands in the market, as well as offer high-performance clothing made with the most advanced technologies. These smart purchases will allow you to take full advantage of this year’s summer cycling season!

Lots of tips for the cycling season

Maximizing the fun of cycling: choosing the right clothes

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Want to take full advantage of this year’s cycling season? Visit your favorite retailer for all things bike related: Stores sports experts! You’ll find a large selection of high-performance brands that are adapted to drive safely.

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