Guy LaFleur has been hailed by personalities from all walks of life

MONTREAL – Many former players, politicians, and Quebec personalities went to Marie-Rhin du Monde Cathedral for Guy Lafleur’s funeral. Here, in bulk, is what they said while paying homage to Lafleur:

“At age 18, on the bench in the Montreal Canadiens, I thought we were lucky to see Jay LaFleur every night, and we paid to see it.”

Mario Tremblay, former Montreal Canadiens player

“The Canadians changed hockey in the seventies with their victory over Philadelphia. He changed it in terms of speed. The guy contributed to that. (…) He showed that the intelligence of the game was much better than the intelligence of weapons.

– Alain Coty, former Quebec Nordic player

“The last time he was in Western Canada, I remember we played in Winnipeg. We were all on the bus and Jay waited for an hour or an hour and a half because he was signing autographs for each of the fans in attendance.

Joe Sakic, former Quebec Nordic player and general manager of Colorado Avalanche

“In the last months of his life, he raised funds for the Fondation du CHUM and raised $2 million. His wife told me yesterday that Jay told him ‘It’s not me who will benefit, it’s someone else’.”

– Serge Savard, former player and general manager of the Montreal Canadiens

“I was the victim of my last hat-trick and I even remember the date: February 27, 1989. Even when his career was coming to an end, he could handle me. He is one of the greatest players in history. If I had to give a hat-trick to anyone other than Gretzky or Lemieux, it would be he is.

Glenn Healey, former National Hockey League goalkeeper

“Everyone is passionate about hockey – journalists and fans. It’s in our DNA that passion and it’s because of guys like Guy LaFleur.”

Jean Peron, former coach of the Montreal Canadiens

“He was often present at the beginning of the season when there was an evening for the new players with the old ones. He loved telling old stories, but what I remember is that he always asked about current events. He was interested in how things were going in our group and wanted to make sure that our team He was as uniform as he was in his time.

Brendan Gallagher, Montreal Canadiens player

“It’s hard. It’s sad. We try to get an idea from day to day, but the memories come back. Last week it was Mike Posey. Today it’s Jay. When I wake up, I always tell myself it couldn’t be, that he was too young to leave.” And people are sad.

– Michel Bergeron, former coach of the Quebec Nordic and New York Rangers

“When I arrived in 1975, there was Yvan Cournoyer on one side and I on the other and Guy talked to me like he did to Yvan Cournoyer. The guy was like that. Newbie or veteran, everyone is equal. He was kind to everyone.”

– Pierre Mundo, former Montreal Canadiens player

“He certainly leaves young people. He deservedly to go on to have good years. But what we see today is exceptional. He deserves that recognition.”

-Andre Savard, former fellow Quebec Remparts and former general manager of the Montreal Canadiens

“The best way to describe Jay LaFleur is that he gave everyone his time – a fan, a teammate, a co-worker – and everyone was important to him.”

— Jeff Molson, Owner and President of Montreal Canadiens

“Thank you for those feelings that made us live as a player, as an inspiration. All those goals he gave us. It’s also time to thank him for his deep humanity. His way of serving each one of us as Quebecers and Canadians.”

– Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“He was someone who didn’t know the language of wood and that’s what Quebecers valued. He was real. He said what he believed, and sometimes he was in danger of getting into trouble or making enemies. But deep down, everyone loved him because he was a real man.”

François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

“It is so much emotion, to say goodbye or goodbye to someone who made us dream, which has given us so much satisfaction and pride.”

Isabelle Charest, Minister of Education and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

“He was a generous man and his heart was in the right place. Often the greatest is the most humble and this was his condition.

– Pauline Marois, former Prime Minister of Quebec

“Great players mark their sport, idols mark their people. That’s what Guy Lafleur did. He distinguished not only his team and his sport, but also the history and history of the Quebec people.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, parliamentary leader and spokesperson for Quebec Solidere

“Guy Lafleur was a Quebec person. From his hometown of Thurso, to his glorious time in Montreal and also his time with the Remparts and Nordiques, he mobilized everyone. To be able to rally Canadians and Nordics, you have to do it!”

– Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Quebec

“He was always willing to help everyone. He would always say yes. If there was a word he hadn’t learned, it was ‘no’.”

— Dominique Pirazzino. Alias ​​Ménick, from the famous barbershop Chez Ménick

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