Guylaine Tanguay and Ranee Lee | Dare to get Celine Dion again

They are the queens of their respective music scenes and both cover Celine Dion in the albums coming out these days. Interview with country singer Guylaine Tanguay and Montreal jazz magnate Ranee Lee.

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Emilie Cote

Emilie Cote

After covering songs by Ginette Reno, Guylaine Tanguay dedicates an album to Celine Dion’s work as part of her series My way. Interview with what she bets: to be known for her talent as a singer across the country.


Guylaine Tanguay for releasing her album in honor of Celine Dion.

As Guylaine Tanguay tells Claudette Dion very well in the virtual launch show for her 17sAND the album released this Friday: “You have to have a forehead around your head to sing Céline in Quebec. »

Anyway this is what Guylaine Tanguay dares for the second album of his series My way. “That Céline comes back into my life when I’m about to turn 50 is no coincidence,” she confesses. She always accompanied me and gave me gas to move forward. »

As the youngest of the Dion family, the singer with rural roots has grown up in a modest environment. “The first Céline LP I got was like gold. I had a discography as a gift, with a boom box and microphone, and I was shouting at Celine in my room. My brothers were no longer capable! »

Guylaine Tanguay learned to sing with Céline Dion trying to achieve the same notes as her, but her idol above all allowed her to dream.

Céline and I are three years apart. I was already singing when it started. For me, living in Girardville, a small village in Lac-Saint-Jean, the dream of becoming a professional singer was almost unreal. How did you want me to get into it? We had no money, we did not know anyone in the show.

Guylaine Tanguay

Guylaine Tanguay had some pitfalls and it took her longer than the Charlemagne diva to find “her” René Angélil, but she has been able to count on Carl Bazinet for almost 25 years, which she was – as was the case for Céline and René – her impressor before it was made. her boyfriend.

Nine songs in French

Of the 11 songs selected by Guylaine Tanguay at Celine – My way, there are 9 in French. “We are very fond of old Céline, plus some hits we could not rule out. My strongest memories of Céline are in its infancy. »

Guylaine Tanguay has mostly chosen ballads, including It was just a dream, my friend left me, Love still exists where First, what is love?

Guylaine Tanguay faces Celine Dion more with content than with abundance. Especially in my heart will go on AND The power of lovewhere the singer however shows all the accuracy and power of her voice.

Guylaine Tanguay notes that the parts Hidden AND Of love or friendship are particularly good for country deals. “Me Hidden, so much is happening! », Thinks Guylaine Tanguay.

In her interpretation, she did not want to imitate Celine Dion, but had to find her comfort zone. “I gave a lot on the first day. I was like very angry and wanted to give everything. The next day, I sat down instead of standing up to be more relaxed. I just assumed I had nothing to try. »

Finally, Guylaine Tanguay is happy with the result. “It’s the first time I like to hear my voice again. At 50, it was time! »

Guylaine Tanguay really has a golden voice. It is no coincidence that his fans asked him from the beginning of the pandemic to cover the songs of Ginette Reno, Céline Dion and great French songs (which will be the subject of the third and final album in his series. My way).

Supported by Claudette Dion

Show-launch i Celine – My waywhich will be online for 10 days, will not be introduced by anyone other than Claudette Dion, with whom Guylaine Tanguay would meet Celine Dion for the first time (before the star cancels performances due to muscle spasms) .

It’s going to be a push, but for Guylaine Tanguay, it’s important to “get it right” for Claudette Dion – as she did with Ginette Reno. In fact, it’s as if she too received Celine’s blessing.

Claudette Dion also shares precious memories with Guylaine Tanguay during the launch show. Among other things, she recounts the moment when her mother, Thérèse, made sure with Céline that she really loved René Angélil.

A singer, point

Like Celine Dion, Guylaine Tanguay is known for her professionalism. Everyone will tell you that working with him is fun. “What I want is not success, it is respect,” she often says.

Guylaine Tanguay has another wish now that she is covering Celine Dion classics. “To affirm myself as a singer and not only as a local singer. »

Let’s take it for granted.

The virtual display of the launch of Celine – My way is available from 6 to 16 May. The tournament will be presented in the fall across Quebec, including November 18 and 19 at the Casino de Montréal.

Ranee Lee: “Céline is untouchable”, although…

Ranee Lee will release an album titled Friday, May 13th Because You Loved Me, which he will also present at the Monument-National as part of the Jazz Festival. And to think that the 79-year-old singer has refused (even several times!) To reinterpret Celine Dion këng songs…


Singer Ranee Lee, during a show in Montreal in 2013

“Céline is untouchable,” she says. There is only one Celine. »

When Ranee Lee was offered by Jim West of his Justin Time label to make a jazz-style album with Celine Dion covers, she declined. Sometimes!

The jazz scene magnificent thought her rejection was clear, but she believed in the project when she saw the band Snarky Puppy performing in New York three years ago. The band’s energy, its emotionality and the fusion of several styles… “I finally felt the deals,” she says.

If getting Celine Dion is too scary, Ranee Lee put things in perspective.


Jazz singer Ranee Lee

Songs are songs. These are stories about tunes. Interpretation is individual.

Ranee Lee

Ranee Lee says she and Céline Dion – respectively members and companions of the Order of Canada – crossed the streets in the late 1980s during a telethon. Otherwise, she recalls that already René Angélil had called her to ask for her services as a maid.

Like Céline Dion, Ranee Lee lost the man of her life and her great professional collaborator, Richard Ring, to cancer in 2018. “It’s a constant loss… I have a lot of empathy for Céline. It’s hard to mourn a person with whom we are also involved in many aspects of our lives. »

“Richard is always on my mind. He is my muse. I know he would be happy with this project. »

“That’s why I titled the album Because You Loved Me, emphasizes Ranee Lee. This also led to the selection of songs. I think he sings every word. “Especially us My heart will go on, The power of love AND All Selfshe points out.

Some surprises

As we said earlier, Ranee Lee wanted the adjustments of his reinterpretations to be inspired by the Snarky Puppy groove. She entrusted this task to pianist and director Taurey Butler. In addition, the singer was able to rely on her famous musicians, including bassist Dave Watts, drummer Jim Doxas, guitarist Carlos Jiménez and violinist Kate Bevan-Baker, who performs an excellent solo in NatureBoy.

Why do we find nature boy, the great classic of Nat King Cole? You should know that Céline has covered this part in her album A new day has come, released in 2002. It was actually the bonus song. “I grew up with this song. Kate’s solo makes me cry. Like Dave’s solo on Prayer Says Ranee Lee.

In this cover of Celine Dion’s duet with Andrea Bocelli, Ranee Lee admits that singing in Italian was a challenge as it was when she sang in French in I thinkwhich he mixed with… The house of the rising Sun. Animals! “I saw similarities there and I allowed myself this freedom. »

And it works! Otherwise, we fall for his version upbeat eAll Self with a Latin twist. I’m alive hits even in jazz format.

A show and paintings

with Because You Loved MeRanee Lee releases her 14sAND album with Montreal record company Justin Time. The 79-year-old Brooklyn-born artist and a Montrealer since 1970 – has been quite active during the pandemic. She performed in the fall special edition of the last Jazz Festival and gave several performances at Upstairs.

Ranee Lee will present the show Ranee Lee Swings Celine Dion at the Jazz Festival on the Monument-Nacional stage on July 9th. “I have a lot of ideas for the show. »

Also a leisure painter, Ranee Lee adds that she has done a painting for each of her songs Because You Loved Me Pour All Self, she has painted a black flamingo. She will surely have a vernissage in a gallery, she also announces.

To say she almost refused to touch Celine’s universe.

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