Gyms are still victims of this epidemic

Hundreds of owners of fitness centers, bars and spas succumbed to urgent business closures with a nagging feeling of deja vu Monday night. They hope the government assistance will match as they have to give up vacation income for the second year in a row.

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Spas want ‘consistency’

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The Spa Association said it was surprised by the force of the measures affecting its sector.

“Honestly, we didn’t think we would go this far, to close all our spas, except for personal care [et esthétiques]CEO Veronique Tremblay’s reaction:

This indicates that the majority of bathrooms are outside, and that rules issued on Monday by Quebec continue to allow some public outdoor activities.

“So, of course, we have questions about that. However, we literally respect the health measures. We all want to do our part and understand that the virus is on the rise. […] It’s just that we want consistency in the procedures.”me Tremblay.

till when ?

Liz Gagnon

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After two tough years, it was “another hard blow,” laments Liz Gagnon, who owns the Zotye Pub in Loretteville and represents the Quebec-area bar owners company.

According to her, “it certainly won’t be just a matter of a few weeks” if we rely on the expectations of the health authorities.

Meanwhile, financial insecurity is hard to bear. She warns that institutions will need help to get through this new ordeal.

“It’s tough. We don’t know if we’ll get help from governments and we don’t know how long it will last either,” she says.

Advertising shock


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Monday’s announcement by Legault’s government and the short four hours to operate the lockdown was a “shock,” admits co-owner of Yoga Fitness branches in Quebec City, Amelie Beaumont.

“We didn’t think it would happen right away. We thought maybe we’d be fine until Christmas,” the businesswoman explains, acknowledging that we “expected it, and seeing the rapid rise in cases” of COVID-19.

However, it’s not a “panic,” she said. The most difficult is laying off a few dozen employees temporarily. However, the company will be able to continue offering the courses through its online platform.

philosopher mme Beaumont.

at the worst of times


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This news comes at the worst of times for gyms, which are still in demand as the holidays return.

“I find it hard that we are still attached to a hobby. We leave the malls open, we can go and do our hair, no problem, but we can’t go and train to take care of our health,” regrets Gabriel Hardy, co-owner of Gym Le Chalet and movement expert (Photo).

At The Sweat Club, a group training center in Quebec, owner Stephanie Marchand says she’s also “disappointed” when this is the fourth shutdown her industry has experienced, even if she supports the government’s decision.

“It’s like going back to square one,” she says.

“The death penalty” for some

The Quebec Bar Tenants Association and the Quebec Bar Owners Association, Brewery and Tavern did not ignore their words on Monday, expressing concern in a press release that “a death warrant for bar tenants has been signed.”

“Although they recognize that the current epidemiological situation, including the rapid rise of the Omicron variant, has made it necessary to strengthen health measures, the demand for UTBQ and CBBBTQ versus that two levels of government grants, without delay, are substantial subsidies,” they wrote.

For its part, the Nouvelle Association des Bars du Québec had “a special thought for all the companies in the nightlife sector that have adhered to regulations at the expense of other delinquent and selfish companies that clearly lack governance in recent days,” referring to the “last chance” parties of some institutions that It made headlines over the weekend.

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