Handball, soccer, basketball, volleyball… There are four women’s sports clubs against Nimes Metropole.

These sports structures compete to cancel their financial aid. Agglo de Nîmes answers.

Nîmes Métropole’s decision to cancel all financial aid to four women’s clubs caused quite a stir. An open letter signed jointly with the heads of Bouillargues Handball Nîmes Métropole, Women’s Football Nîmes Métropole Gard, Volley Club Nîmes and Nîmes Basket, challenges all mayors in the bloc on this topic, asking for their support.

“We have a terrible time understandingToday’s Hand Treasurer Philip Granier wonders. In the past year, we’ve already seen the amount of benefits we give out halve. Ten months later, without having had time to look back, we were told we wouldn’t have anything next season. This decision would be justified by a legal impossibility. Sounds like a fake excuse. Because we are forced to note that only high-level women’s sports are affected. We have the right to ask ourselves if this is not discrimination?

“1200 licensees”

His fellow football chief Christian Teves followed suit, emphasizing this “The same rule does not apply to men’s gyms in Nîmes “. The Nîmes Métropole continues to pay €250,000 to Usam and €70,000 to the Nîmes Olympique as well as the Rugby Club Nîmes. “This difference in treatment shocks us. There may be a political settlement of the results under which I do not want to participate in or bear the consequences. If the community does not review its version, our clubs, which have more than 1,200 fired and are developing for three of them in Section 2, we will face serious difficulties.” We’re not going to let it go, and we’ll hear back at the community council on May 23.”

For his part, Bernard Pomelo, Chief of Staff of the President of Nîmes Metropole, Franck Prost, said that this situation is the result of a legacy from the past and a commitment to comprehensive reform of the management of the inter-municipal institution. With regard to sports, the former CEO regularly exceeded the scope of legal competence. so that between 2014 and 2020, the financial obligations of the four clubs involved tripled during the period (Read box). for somes What should have been just an additional resource became one of the main ones. what it should have been.

Bernard Pomelo remembers that sport is not one of Aglo’s compulsory skills, nor is it an optional skill outside of the Nemausa pool. As a result, Governor Gard noted, in a letter dated December 20, 2020, that “the provision of means in the sports sector is not permitted in the current state of your laws.”

The Prime Minister has been reassuring since the first months of the state “All clubs were informed three times each season that the format of the ad space buying market, without competition, could not be maintained legally. In order not to brutally harm the clubs and allow them to absorb the shortage, the end of this type of contract was gradual.”

It concludes that gender issues are unrelated to administrative procurement procedures: “Funding of the Arc Club de Nîmes and Etoile de Bessèges events has been suspended this season. Only the financing of services on the basis of association of the image of the Nîmes Métropole with sports clubs with a media vision for the promotion of the territory or in relation to the economic development, in particular through the corporate clubs of the Nîmes Rugby Club ” .

Ticket purchases and space purchases

According to the figures provided by Agglo, the purchase of tickets and advertising services for the four women’s clubs added to the three men’s professional clubs represented a total of €270,000 in 2014 and €760,000 in 2020.

During this period, the aid paid to the Nîmes Volleyball Club increased from €32,000 to €90,000. Prices for women’s soccer players Nîmes Métropole Gard range from 25,000 to 60,000 euros. And women’s basketball from 5,000 euros to 20,000 euros. Boyarges women’s hand club went from 28 thousand euros to 130 thousand euros.

In comparison, the Nîmes Métropole community paid €120,000 to the Nîmes Olympique and €90,000 to the Nîmes rugby club.

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