Harry Styles at the helm of pop

The pop world currently revolves around Harry Styles. Among his main appearances at Coachella this spring are his increasingly frequent roles in film, his atmosphere as a rock icon in preparation, and his new album. Harry Houseawaited as the return of the Messiah, he is one of the most beloved artists of today.

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Marissa Groguhe

Marissa Groguhe

Start of course


Missing One Direction members: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne

Initially a little background, to better understand the path followed. Now 28 years old, Styles was only 16 years old when he appeared at UK song contest auditions Factor X. The young man from a town in central west England was then catapulted into a group with four other young men to continue the adventure X-Factor : thus was born One Direction. Quintet finished the race in third place on the podium. For the next five years, he was boys band the most adored (especially by teenagers) in the world, one of the best-selling bands in music history. In 2016, One Direction exploded. This is the first day of the rest of Harry Styles’s life, which will soon become even more popular than the group that saw it born.

To prove yourself


Harry Styles, “21st Century RockAND century”

of RollingStone describes him as a “21st rock star”.AND century”. Stevie Nicks considers him the “boy he never had,” but especially as the music heir to Mick Fleetwood and her. Everything could have stopped for Harry Styles after One Direction, but the trajectory he took instead took him to greater heights. In 2017, on his first solo album of the same name, we meet this artist that we could see within the group, but who could best show his colors here. If his former friends have tried different musical paths, Styles has started playing rock & roll. A pop-filled rock, of course, but a pretty compelling rock. He still does not convince everyone with this record. The effort is measured. I mean, he did not dare to make an “entertaining” album, he plunged into a deep desire to show what he was capable of. Either way, the disc marks a completely successful start. And when the sequel comes, fine linein 2019, the pop star finally comes out of her bladder.

Styles and Harry Styles


Harry Styles has become a fashion icon.

fine line is “full of personality and charm”, headlines the specialized magazine nWith at its exit. pitchfork finds that the homage that fills the disc prevents the listener from fully understanding what kind of songwriter Harry Styles really is. for RollingStone, on the other hand, he proves to be a “rock god” with this second disc. Magazine locations fine line at 491AND positioned on his list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. All eyes are on Harry Styles. It is the music on the one hand, but also the image on the other. In both cases, Styles asserts himself more and more, has risen as a reference figure. A year before the album was released, he became the face of Gucci. On the red carpet of the Met Gala in 2019, he wears a transparent blouse and Gucci lace, a gem in the ear, an androgynous look to perfection. On tour, her stage outfits are always brighter. On the cover of the magazine vogue (is the first man to appear in only one), in 2020, he wears a dress and manicure. Harry Styles is not inventing anything, others have done a lot before him, first in the queer community. But the singer is seen by everyone, admired by many. Its appearance inspires, upsets some of the codes mainstream. ABOUT QG, he is one of the best dressed musicians in the world. Over the years, Harry Styles has become a fashion icon.

Also actor


Harry Styles plays Alex in Dunkirkby Christopher Nolan

In 2017, shortly after the release of his first album, Harry Styles appeared in the film Dunkirk, by Christopher Nolan. His first steps on the big screen are noticeable, though he plays only a minor role. It’s just the beginning of an acting career that takes a big turn this year when he takes on his first lead role, alongside Florence Pugh, in film. Do not worry darling, directed by Olivia Wilde. He will also be seen in the lead role in the fall My police, by Michael Grandage. In 2021, he appeared on the post-credit stage of the Marvel movie, Eternal, hinting at a bigger role to come in the saga. Rock star, fashion muse and casual actor: Harry Styles is everywhere.

Harry House

Image provided by COLUMBIA RECORDS

Album cover Harry House

The return of Harry Styles began last April with the release of the song As It Was.

He talks about metamorphosis, loneliness, melancholy, all in a dance synth-pop reminiscent of the 1980s. In this new record, he explains in an interview with Best homes and gardens, addresses the topics of belonging, tranquility and the fact of finding a home, which is not necessarily a physical place, but an interior. Like many people, Styles has had plenty of time to ask a series of existential questions during the pandemic. While he had never taken a break since those famous auditions at Factor Xfinally stopped. Harry House results from this moment of rest and reflection. “I think everyone went through a great moment of introspection, navel viewing and I do not think there is anything more enjoyable than making an album,” he says. If Harry Styles perpetuates this tendency to pay homage and be inspired by his idols in his music, this time he allows himself to place much more of himself in his work. Creation is liberated. For the first time, he said, he is not releasing an album for fear of not achieving commercial success. This is probably what will ensure its success.

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