Heartstopper | Even more LGBTQ + teens in the series

EUFOR, Sex education, Little kingss, The royal youth Imaginary series revolving around LGBTQ + teens have been plentiful for some time. Most recently, Heartbreakerhas a resonance that suggests it is an embodied current and not a transient fad.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Broadcast on Netflix for several weeks, this British romantic drama tells the story of Charlie (Joe Locke), a young intellectual dreamer – openly gay – who falls in love with the star of the school rugby team, Nick (Kit Connor) .

Charlie’s friends may call his beloved redhead a golden retriever, but his love refuses to die. And against all odds, as he has formed a beautiful friendship after long conversations, private messages on Instagram, games Mario Kart and sports training, the feeling turns out to be mutual. Heartbreaker is inspired by a graphic novel by Alice Oseman, hence these little animation notes added to the post-production or even these camera photos that evoke cartoon vignettes.

Consisting of eight half-hour episodes, the series applies specific codes to romantic comedies, but with more finesse than banality. movie for teens.

It is bright and full of good feelings, but never pleasant. It is worth mentioning, Oscar-winning actress Olivia Coleman (crown, Brooch) plays Charlie’s mother.

For three weeks, Heartbreaker dominates the rankings variety The “trendy” series on Twitter, well ahead The Knight of the Moon, a blockbuster of Disney +. Currently maintains a perfect rating 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, which tracks comments. from HollywoodReporter to Guardian Passing by Time Magazine AND Telerama, the international press likes it. MB, The Independent talks about a LGBTQ + audience victory.


Scenes from the series Heartbreaker

A professor at UQAM’s Ecole Supérieure de Théâtre, which is giving its first course this spring on queer approaches to art, Dinaïg Stall shares this view.

“What I like about this series is that we do not deny homophobia,” she said in an interview. She is here. But this is not the horizon of the characters. We did not do traumatic pornography. We are not always emphasizing how horrible it is. They are not just destructive relationships. The characters are not monochromatic, all pink or all black. Reality is always much more complex. »

A growing list

Heartbreaker comes to inflate a growing list of fabrications displayed by high school youth deviating from the heteronormative model, which wildly dominates this type of production.

The HBO series appears in this list EUFORwhich paints the portrait of a drug-addicted teenager named Rue (Zendaya), who develops a romantic relationship with Jules (Hunter Schafer), a trans teenager.


Scenes from the series EUFOR

On Netflix, let’s mention the Swedish series The royal youth (Royal Youth in the French version), which depicts the intricate idyll of a young prince and a middle-class student in a boarding school, and Sex education (Sex education), which is interested in the diverse romances of supposed high school students. We can even quote Elita, a Spanish thriller that focuses on the suffering of an overly passionate teen gang. In a much purer style, Love, Victor (With love, Victor) examines the daily life of a young Latino boy in search of his Disney + identity.


Scenes from the series Sex education

In Quebec, the series Little kings (currently featured on ICI Télé, which can be viewed as a catch-up on ICI Tou.TV) is part of this movement describing the downfall of a group of unrestrained and privileged students led by Julep (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie) , hockey player. , and Adaboy (Alex Godbout), a passionate figure skater for fashion. Big surprise: the first is gay, the second is straight.

In an interview, the creator of little kingsJeffrey Wraight, says after working at Kodi F. (2014-2018) and Kodi G. (2016-2019) in VRAK, he knew that the adolescent / young audience was “ready” for something a little more dangerous and atypical.

“I was fascinated when I saw the opening of the new generations, underlines the producer in Zone 3. I wanted a series that would present LGBTQ + characters, but without touching the script their sexuality. Just because someone is LGBTQ + does not necessarily mean that they are good. We too can be bad people! »


Scenes from the series Little kings

In search of television trends, Jeffrey Wright watched Heartbreakerthough he knows he’s not exactly the target audience.

“As a 50-year-old gay man, I know he’s not for me, but heck he did me good! Because my high school experience was not like that at all. It seemed very touching to me. This shows that we are making progress despite everything that is happening in the United States. »

“a balm”

According to sexologist and sociologist Martin Blais, the addition of serials as Heartbreaker finally lets LGBTQ + youth see that they are not alone, that other people like them exist, and share their experiences, their struggles, their traps, or their concerns.

“The success enjoyed by these series suggests that they are objective in the concerns they portray and in the way they do so,” notes the professor in the Department of Sexology at UQAM. Knowing yourself, realizing that you are not alone or alone, and that your desires or concerns are shared, even if only by fictional characters, can play an important affirmative role that is often lacking when growing up in a context where there is little or no LGBTQ + example to follow. Detachment from invisibility […] it is already a step in the right direction. »

“It’s a balm to see that these series exist,” adds Dinaïg Stall. I probably would have lost less time if I had had access to this kind of representation when I was younger. Creates opportunities for people who are questioning their sexuality. That’s wonderful ! When I’m done Heartbreaker, I cried my life! »

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