Herault: Discussing the opening of wild boar hunting on June 1

The county plans to anticipate opening due to damage to crops. Aspas opposes and encourages citizens to participate in a consultation on this topic, until May 7.

Since 2020, the opening of wild boar hunting has been presented from September 11 to June 1 in Herault. This early opening is framed Preventing damage to agricultural cropsEspecially corn. But the fox and the broiler (male deer) are also affected by this early hunting.

for the year 2022 The principle of early opening was voted on unanimously, with one abstention.says Adrien Bonafé, vice president of the Herault fishing association.

fatwa only

This opinion is subject to public consultation from April 16 to May 7, 2022. Last year, all 244 contributions were against this early opening. They highlighted the desire for a hunting-free summer, the disturbance that caused the species to breed, and ‘Feeling insecure’ Other users of nature felt it.

But these views are advisory only, and the governor ratified the opening on June 1. This was already the case after the 2020 consultations, with 361 of the 364 contributions already against it. The ordinance also includes an early September 1 opening for neighborhoods and deer.

‘We are breaking the balance of biodiversity’

Aspas (Wild Animal Conservation Society) “All residents of Herault are encouraged to participate in this consultation, even if it is not obligatory.”

“We all agree to admit that there is a breeding of wild boarsChristian Perino, from the Asspace 34 delegation, explains. But this is primarily due to their feeding and watering throughout the winter. However, feeding wildlife is a prohibited practice, and breeding is highly regulated.

To follow up: “When we want to eliminate the natural predators of wild boars, such as wolves and lynxes that nonetheless return to the department, we also break the balance of biodiversity.”

“Take 17,000 wild boars”

Herault County Fisheries Management Plan 2019-2025, translated Or How Fishermen Work for Biodiversity and Sustainable Fishing, It was developed by the Hunter’s Union. We know that the crop most affected by damage is the vine, averaging 64% of the annual amount.

Fences are provided free of charge to farmers (971 births in 2017), as well as intimidation equipment. On the other hand, the deterrent gear is ‘strictly regulated’According to the union, which has not supported it since 2018.

19,300 hunts resulted in 17,000 “samples” Wild Boar in the Division (2017-2018). As for the big game, an average of 3,000 deer suffer the same fate each year, along with 150 antelopes and 500 flying animals.

“Incoherent Edict on Foxes”

Regarding foxes, “The ordinance is inconsistent. In the municipalities of Herault where rabbits do the most damage to crops, such as Mauguio or Mudaison, farmers consider foxes to be helpful. If they are hunted a lot, it is because the fox eating game is released to the chase!”

With regard to roe, Aspas notes “It is not always easy to distinguish between males and females, given that only males can be hunted.” And to remember that whatever species, “There are a lot of young people in June”.

In conclusion, the Aspas “Regrets the fact that fishermen, who represent only 2% of the population, can indulge their passion for ten months, knowing that it is a pastime incompatible with outdoor activities. A large majority of citizens are in favor of banning hunting on Sundays.”

Max Alais, President of the 34 Hunting Federation: ‘Ten months is a very long time’

Is it necessary to expect wild boar hunting?

Yes, because there is strong pressure from farmers due to the great damage they suffer from. It is not a pleasure to fish in the summer, when it is very hot, but it is a necessity. We have set up a union-wide monitoring unit to respond to requests after crops are damaged. We were able to control the compensation (170,000 euros per year) but that’s thanks to a constant effort. The quest opening will likely be renewed on June 1, but for us, the real opening remains mid-September. Because ten months is really a very long time.

Are there more sensitive areas?

There is a population explosion in the plain and on the coast. In one year, in the city of Beziers, 70 wild boars were taken! In Saint-Jean-de-Védas, there are a lot of them. Everywhere, it is a real security problem. I remind you that you can not fish in more than 30% of the territory of Hérault, especially in urban areas and nature reserves. The wild boar takes advantage of that to grow there.

And the deer?

He colonized the plain and the coast of the high towns. It disrupts the hunt for wild boar and hare. Above all, it causes damage to trees by attacking young shoots.

The public can send their comments at www.herault.gouv.fr/Publications/Consultation-du-public/Participation-du-public/Procedures-en-cours

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