Here are the dogs with the longest and shortest life expectancy

Animals – Which breed of dog has the shortest or longest life expectancy? In this regard, the 344 breeds of domestic dogs identified by the Cynologique Consortium, are not all located in the same … Kennel.

Published in Nature on April 28, a British study by the Royal Veterinary College attempted to answer these questions. In particular, it looked at data on more than 30,000 individuals of 18 different sexes, who died between January 1, 2016 and July 30, 2020. Their origin comes from the Vetcompass database, a pet health monitoring system, which holds records for 20 million dogs.

From this research, Jack Russell was indeed the winner. His longest life experience is an average of 12.72 years. He is followed by Yorkshire (12.54 years) and Border Collie (12.10 years). Conversely, French Bulldogs have a limited life expectancy (4.53 years), just like their English (7.39 years) and American (7.79 years) counterparts.

Grandpa Jack Russell and Glass Bulldog

On the other side of the table we find a star dog, the French Bulldog, which has a life expectancy of just under 5 years. It is followed by several flat-faced dog breeds (those with a humeral head): the English bulldog, the American bulldog, and the pug. Just like Chihuahuas, these animals have a life expectancy of only eight years.

This is illustrated in the chart below. When presented to the mortality table, relate the mean age at dog death (coordinates) to the first age at which the animal has only 1.5 years of age (abscissae).

It should be noted that female canines live on average longer than males. In addition, sterilization increases the life expectancy of individuals by more than 10%.

If this study reflects a general tendency that certain breeds are limited by their fragility (eg French bulldog), some individuals may exceed estimates and have a fairly long lifespan. This is especially the case for Chihuahuas who, despite their relative fragility, can sometimes live up to about 16 years.

Data that is hard to export

In this study, the researchers used a method used mainly in humans so far, the mortality table (which can be found above). It allows for much more detailed information and conclusions than a single summary of the average age of death.

Please note, however, that these numbers are difficult to apply in France. In fact, there are many differences depending on genes and country. Each specifies the life span of each type of pet dog for which it is “owner” (eg the Brittany Spaniel in France). Previous studies show, for example, that the Golden Retriever lives an average of 14.1 years in Japan and only 10.5 years in Denmark.

Useful for owners and vets but not only…

The aim of this work, according to the authors, is to allow “a better understanding of life expectancy at different ages within the UK companion dog group” with the goal of “improving the welfare and health management of dogs”.

This is what Benoit Heidan, a veterinarian and research engineer at the National Center for Scientific Research at the Institute of Genetics and Development in Rennes explained to France Inter: “It is possible, for the owner and the veterinarian, to know the ‘average’ risk of survival according to his age and can It affects whether or not to choose to adopt a dog of this or that breed or to plan an operation.”

It is also possible that you will see a benefit to sharing dogs. This type of data can actually create a network of distinct definitions. The system will therefore be similar to what is found in humans in private health systems, where this data is used to calculate and forecast hospitalization costs, among other things.

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