Here are the sports that Quebecers practice the most

Weekly, Newspaper, in collaboration with Léger, uncovers a variety of topics that affect you directly or indirectly. And so our barometer measures what makes you wiggle or raise eyebrows like Quebec, young and old, Francophone, Anglophone or Allophone, in Montreal or in the regions.

Which of the following sports do you do?

1. Walking / Hiking: 61%

Aktivurlaub im Frühling bei einer Wanderung im Wald

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2. Road cycling: 22%

Selective focal shot of a professional cyclist riding on a wet and windy mountain road in the woods, on a carbon road bike

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3. Swimming: 16%

Professional man swimmer inside the pool.  Underwater panoramic photo.

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4. Running: 14%

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5. Gym Training: 14%

Young athletes couple with a battle rope doing calisthenics in a functional training fitness room.

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6- Fishing: 12%

7- Mountain hiking: 11%

8. Dance: 10%

9. Racket: 9%

10. Yoga / Pilates: 9%

11. Golf: 8%

12. Ice Skating: 8%

13. Alpine Skiing: 7%

14. Cross-country skiing: 6%

15. Tennis: 6%

16. Hockey: 6%

17. Bowling: 5%

18. Kayaking: 5%

19. Baseball: 5%

20. Hunting: 4%

21 – Zumba: 4%

22- Football: 4%

23. Aerobic: 4%

24- Skateboard Roller: 4%

25. Mountain Bike: 4%


The survey was conducted in two stages. An open-ended question was asked to LEO (Leger Opinion) panelists for their favorite workouts. Then, a scientific survey was conducted among a thousand Quebecers from June 5-7, 2021 on the basis of the most mentioned sports. Only the 25 most mentioned sports are shown in this barometer.

  • Philip Leger, Montreal Magazine


Walking, cycling, swimming, running and aerobics are the five most popular activities. Aside from walking, age determines the sports we do: at 20, we run more, at 30, we train more, at 40, we swim more, at 50, we train more, and at 65, you fish more.


We now find 22% of Quebecers riding a bicycle on the road, perhaps a sign of a new epidemic trend. 12% are engaged in fishing, mainly residents of the North Coast and Gaspé. And 10% will be interested in dancing, especially young people aged 18-24 and women.


Among the sports we play the most, nine out of 10 sports are related to summer. Winter is considered by many to be a long period of hibernation. We are working and waiting for the winter to end. And in the summer, we begin to move: we walk, we ride, we swim, we mess up and we fish. Until winter returns…

Quebecers love their ‘little walk’

  • Joseph Vakal, Montreal Magazine

These findings confirm what everyone would see if they had eyes they could see, and they could be easily explained.

Why is hiking and far the most popular physical activity in Quebec?

Because it is easier to practice, costs nothing, does not require good initial physical condition, does not require heavy communal infrastructure, and also because many people undoubtedly consider that they have taken a ‘little walk’ when going to the convenience store.

It is also an activity that can be done at all ages, but is especially suitable for the elderly. However, Quebec is getting older.

I’ll leave you with a bit of truth about elementary sociology: demographics of a community are the most reliable predictor of all. You can change your mind or your income, but not your age.

I am surprised and skeptical when I see swimming in third place. Swimming, when practiced seriously, is a sport that requires a lot of effort and unity. When you do long things in your path, you are not talking and the whole body is working.

Swimming or kayaking?

How many people claim to be swimming when they are actually swimming in the pool with friends?

The refrigerated rose and bowl of French fries don’t have to be far away, I’m sure. Forgive my frankness…that’s because I’m part of the group.

Quebec has long and harsh winters. However, winter sports rank lower. It’s the racket, in ninth, that dominates.

The explanation is simple: winter sports are often expensive. Have you recently seen the price of a pair of skates, a day pass, or a pair of skate shoes? And you have to go to the mountain or book your snow time.

Choose the one you want, but go ahead!

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