His pregnant wife is allergic to his cat, and he asks her to go to his parents

During pregnancy, the mother may develop allergies, or if she already has allergies, her symptoms may worsen. This is what happened to a six-months pregnant woman who suddenly became allergic to cats, says her husband on Reddit. The problem is that they have one at home. Rather than finding a new family for the cats, he suggested his wife move on until birth.

She had an allergic reaction to cats during pregnancy

This couple has known each other for seven years, they have been married for four years and are expecting their first child. “I only have a cat indoors that I’ve raised since he was a kitten and now he’s 16. My wife and I are the only people around him regularly. My wife suddenly developed an allergy to cats. We talked to our vet about it and he said it can happen sometimes. “.he explains.

Offers to live elsewhere instead of moving the cat

Because of this sensitivity, the spouses quarrel. “My wife wants to find a new home for the cat. I don’t want to, he’s old, he only knows me and my wife, only knows our house, and he’s never been with humans or other animals. I think it would be too stressful for him and at his age could kill him.” “.This guy explains.

Then the future father tells that he suggested that it be A covenant, a mutual promise between two parties. “We can live with her parents (who live 10 minutes away and no problem taking us to the spare room) until birth, and then, if the allergy to her or the baby persists, I can search (very carefully) for a new permanent home for my cat”He says, noting that he planned, if they went to his folks, to go see the cat every day. “My wife told me I was fond of prioritizing my cat’s health and baby’s health. I don’t want to shock my cat with something that might be temporary.”he adds.

“This isn’t a compromise. Kicking your wife out when you’re six months pregnant is really, really not something you should do if you value your relationship”answers a user who, like most members of the forum, believes that the future father is wrong. “You’re choosing your cat over your pregnant wife and her future baby, and you’re causing her undue stress. What’s your problem? She has allergies. The allergies get worse over time, but you need to reconsider your priorities before the baby arrives.”He adds another.

However, one person defends his father: “Allergies usually get worse over time, but allergies that appear during pregnancy often go away after birth. It’s also possible that the cat has nothing to do with it and has had rhinitis during pregnancy. I understand you don’t want to put your cat through the stress of moving for a temporary problem. “. Another adds: “I think it’s a strange solution, but I also think you’re trying to find a temporary solution to a potential temporary problem. You basically want to put a bandage on instead of amputating it.” […] If his wife only has a temporary allergy, finding a new home for the cat may cause resentment, as well as keeping him if the allergy persists.”

cat died

Later, the father added an update to his post. He says that, by reading the responses of netizens, he began looking for another solution. “My brother lives a few hours away and lived with my cat for a few years when we were younger, so I called him and explained the situation to him. He agreed to adopt but was on the move so he couldn’t get her back for two weeks I told my wife we ​​should keep the cat for Less than two weeks, until my brother comes in and in the meantime she should use some allergy medication or go to her parents. She got angry and said that she would not leave our house and that the cat should leave as soon as possible. I explained to her that this was the best I could do, and that I would not give My cat is the first person to passHe says.

Except that, the next day, when he got home from work, he couldn’t find the cat. “I asked my wife and she told me without hesitation that she had taken him to an animal shelter. She said, ‘I am pregnant and unhappy and you don’t want to get rid of him so I did'”, he explains. He immediately goes to the shelter, and there, it is impossible for him to find his cat again. “When I showed a picture of him to the employee she started apologizing. She said they put him with the other cats but later took a big dog and had to go through the cat cages to get to the dog cages. The dog jumped on my cat’s cage and barked at her, so my cat panicked and had a heart attack (according to saying.) He died. She gave me her body in a shoebox.”

“I came home with him. My wife started apologizing when she saw him but I ignored her and went straight to the garden to bury him. I called my brother to tell him what happened. He started yelling on the phone saying my wife killed me and my cat need to reconsider our relationship, I just feel numb, I didn’t say a word For my wife I think I won’t even be able to look at her. I don’t know what to do.”This man testifies. There, we have to say we haven’t come to that end. If, at first, it was he who managed the situation rather poorly, then the fact that his wife got rid of the cat without telling him is also a problem, even if it did not lead to his death.

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