His sporting record on top of the elephants, CONOR-FIF, his future, … Baumel emptying his bag

The French technician went back to his time at the helm of the Elephant Technical Department and also talked about his future.

Expired on April 6, Patrice Baumel’s contract at the head of the elephants was not extended by the leaders of Côte d’Ivoire. Back in France, the former assistant to Hervé Renard turned back to his time in the Côte d’Ivoire national team in an interview with Foot Mercato. For the 44-year-old technician, his record is positive despite not qualifying for the World Cup and being eliminated from the Round of 16 at the last African Cup of Nations.

“A very positive sporting record. When I arrived in March 2020, Côte d’Ivoire finished third in its CAN qualifying group. My main idea was to qualify. After a few months, we got 10 points out of 12. I also took advantage of Covid to look for players. Guys. I was able to find guys like Kossonou, Diomandé, Sangaré or Amad Diallo. I naturalized Sebastian Haller, it was a huge pride. For the World Cup we had an almost flawless streak, but this last match in Cameroon weighed us down. We got 13 points out of 18. It was disappointing, but it was good in terms of substance. And in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations we were not in a clear gathering. We finish first and go out against a giant from Africa: Egypt. We lose on penalties, but that’s part of the Football I won two African Cup of Nations titles on penalties (note: as an assistant to Hervé Renard with Zambia and then Côte d’Ivoire) Everything is balanced in life.”

Patrice Baumel was pleased with the maturity and quality of play provided by the team even if there were shortcomings, especially during the match against France.

“In content, I found that our team has gained a level of maturity and quality. We have regained our place in Africa and on the world stage. Côte d’Ivoire is a little more terrifying. I had comments that told me that two or three years ago, the team was no longer intimidating, but now many believe that if We passed against Egypt, it would be difficult to get us out. I worked a lot for two years. I stayed in the country and went to watch all the matches. Against France, I had my record team and we played a good match. The draw was well deserved. But now, the small mistakes are paid in focus on the players The youth. I saw him when I was two years old. But I feel like I laid the foundations for a great team. I also feel an incomplete ending, because I got to the end of the decade when the team got a flick, to say we can do something.”

For him, the absence of a president at the head of the Ivorian Football Association proved fatal to elephants and to him by a standardization committee that had not mastered the way football worked.

“He missed two things. I managed to win the African Cup twice. First, there is this element of luck that we cannot explain. I remember with Zambia or Ivory Coast (2015), we are not very good, but we have had this success by not taking that goal or putting it on Specifically. In all humility I did 7 cans and that in 2021 was the most successful for me from a mastering point of view. In terms of content, we were very interesting with this match against Algeria as a reference. In 2015, we made matches without much control even When we won. I remember against Algeria in 2015, we won 3-1, but I’m not afraid to say it: We were moved throughout the match. Finally, the instability of the Federation played a big role. My Raisi died, which made me sign. There were no elections and a normalization committee You don’t know how football works. We felt that we did not weigh in the balance from the point of view of the strength of the union. We did not have a charismatic president. For example, against Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o, who was not even a president, was present in this decisive match. We just needed a draw to go to the World Cup qualifiers and we had no one. We felt lonely. To go to To level up, you should feel supported. Augustin Sidi Diallo, may God have mercy on him, we were his family. I feel like I’ve been alone in the world since he disappeared. »

Regarding the relations with the players, the former coach of Zambia admitted that he did not have any problems with any of them.

“I haven’t had any problems despite what the press might say, especially with Wilfried Zaha. To be a top player you need an ego. They have some. But on the other hand, they look at you. And if you’re bare, they stick. Inevitably, they ask you in Sometimes you stay in training. But we must not get into the balance of power by saying like some coaches that if a player doesn’t train, you won’t make him play. It’s my way of managing. It’s give and take. You have to step toward each other. If you tell me today you’re tired And you don’t want to train 100%, that’s OK. But tomorrow, it’s 200% to show you’re there. In this Africa Cup of Nations, I felt Bibi and Zaha wrestling. Haller is fun, because he’s always ready. I enjoyed training these guys. My main problem with my adventure It is above all management.”

And the French technician returned to the two prestigious friendly matches against France and England, where he did not fail to criticize Al-Ittihad.

“Basically, I had to approach these two matches knowing the new president of the Ivorian federation, because the elections would have taken place before. He could have allowed us to see our work. A week before the match I knew that the elections were still late. I told myself that I would not talk about my contract anymore. I told my players that I don’t know if we’ll ever meet each other again, that we have to live these matches like the last. I came close to these matches to show our players that they can compete with the best. And we watched him against France, even if it was the goal At the end of the match he spoils everything a bit. But he shows the players that the details are important. And I’m not only talking about the players there. I’m also talking about the Federation. The details are not only from a sporting point of view. In Côte d’Ivoire, a lot of things are left to chance. We have to re-ball Foot to the center. We should serve football and not use it. For example, when we waste time making visas, we waste a lot of energy. Before the France game, when you have 17 players who spend days making visas to go to England three days before the game … this e details mean that maybe without this energy loss, we don’t take that goal but eventually we score. It is very easy to attack the players or the coach. These details need to be corrected. I think our 2-1 defeat against France is not sporting, it’s administrative. »

Patrice Baumel explained that failure is not only attributed to players.

“Egypt and Algeria did not pass either, but we almost saw Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt in the World Cup. But we must not lie. Often these teams qualify. Well, there are good players there, but why does Côte d’Ivoire have only 2 CAN with such a great team? You ask yourself the right questions, it’s not just the players’ fault.”

Regarding his future, Baumel said that he is about to be appointed head of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

“I only live for the field myself. Little by little it happened that I took charge of choosing Egypt a few weeks ago. I don’t know why it wasn’t done honestly (laughs). It was about to finish, but at the last minute, they made a choice to take over as Pyramids Egypt coach. I wish him the best. He is a giant of Africa who is recovering. Otherwise, anything is possible, I have requests on the five continents. I enjoy a little time with my family, but I respond to requests and I want to make the right decision to develop further in football.

Did he say.

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