How do we develop a creative data strategy for digital performance?

It seems that a long time ago when mediametry was the main data collected to measure the audience and to imagine the best means of communication in the context of advertising campaigns … it was sometimes necessary to wait, scrutinize the sales figures after passing for a TV ad, keep in mind the analytical biases Countless to get an approximate result at best. On the contrary, today’s single click is concrete, specific and accurate data. It is harvested in real time, without delay or bias.

This is the great added value of this information, according to Vincent Chevalier, founder ofMotivation Analyticsa consulting firm specializing in acquisition marketing, that helps companies create highly targeted, effective content to grow faster: We have almost direct feedback. So it is a perpetual modification issue and a great opportunity to match a brand’s ad content to a specific platform and audience.

Test and learn

The constant adjustment variable allows brands, applications and companies, whatever their sector, to adjust their digital communications very quickly and sometimes also to fuel their strategic position.

Example ?

It is enough to take a quick look at the traffic numbers for the different platforms to understand that these ecosystems are constantly evolving. Advertising does not have the same intent or the same format as Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, the audience is not the same, and the uses too. And everything is changing very quickly, one direction is chasing the other.

It is no coincidence that the universal channel is on everyone’s lips, Vincent Chevalier continued: “We note that the best strategies today are those that integrate multiple platforms, on the one hand, because they allow for a lower cost of acquisition, on the other hand, because they correspond to different moments in the user conversion journey. For example, TikTok is still used primarily for connected brands. »

All of these parameters are key factors to consider when preparing for a campaign. Hence the emergence of professions such as data analyst and data scientist, but also adapting to this context for professions such as designers and content creators.

From data to performance

Because data isn’t everything. If it is an unprecedented mine of knowledge, it requires a trained eye of specialists to be truly useful in the long run. It is human intelligence and a chosen strategic direction that will change the impact, as Vincent Chevalier defines: “ The data allows us to take a fresh look at the strategies we offer. It helps us direct our actions, but it is not enough on its own. »

It is often the connection between brands’ sectoral expertise and strategic data analysis that makes it possible to create relevant and unique content. This is for example a case VirgilStart-up company Who proposes to participate in the investment of an additional contribution to the owners, to complete their financing. This company has benefited from the expertise of Impulse Analytics: “We accompanied them in the classification and characteristics of the most effective digital formats, to review the most effective angles of attack and the best ways to express them creatively,” Vincent Chevalier explains.

Advertising adapts to the platform and not the other way around

Careful analysis of each campaign allows you to adapt the editorial content of its brand. Constant: Whenever a company provides content similar to oursThe normal lifetime of the platform (i.e. the type of content most viewed), The more positive their perception, the more effective the campaign. In other words, it is up to the advertising to adapt to the platform and its audience, to improve its consideration by the recipient. FifthChevalier’s incentive insists on the necessary liquidity for media campaigns: ” Our goal is to provide a conversion journey with as little friction as possible. Our role is to advise our clients throughout the process In other words, advertising on TikTok, for example, must fit into its environment. Vincent Chevalier continues to be short rhythmic music For a campaign to be successful, the audience must be able to easily access every stage of the device, from passive viewing of an ad to active purchase on the site, for example. So the consumer must be able to navigate naturally and effortlessly.

Data to bring out new markets

But the use of data is not limited to the advertising campaign alone. By collecting and analyzing user paths, they sometimes make it possible to decentralize the outlook and think of new paths of development. In an unstable context like what happened in the 1920s and 2021, it can lead to profound changes and new opportunities. Camille Morin, CMO at Chef’s WorkshopThis dimension explains: The health crisis encouraged the founders of the Atelier des Chefs to intensify training activities in the field of cooking and pastry. The data showed that demand was strong. Two years later, this activity has occupied 50% of our teams and accounts for more than half of our teams This hub has been significantly accelerated by Impulse Analytics services and support.

The data thus makes it possible to detect trends, and then structuring to respond to them and adapt budgets and resources accordingly. Then it is up to the company to choose whether or not to follow this path. Finally, the implementation of tools for weekly monitoring of the performance of designs and their continuous analysis makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of improvements and their impact on the performance of campaigns and the decisions made.

Maddyness, Media Partner of Impulse Analytics

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