How to buy a house in 2022?

2022 will be the year that will make you a “happy owner”! It is decided, you will leave your rented house, room or room of your teen to jump into “real life” and become the owner of your own home. You may also already own and want to change regions, buy bigger or smaller. Of course, there are many reasons to consider buying real estate. But it is an act to be considered: a mortgage is made for 15, 20 or 25 years and this purchase should not be made lightly or casually. Once the sale is signed and the withdrawal deadlines have passed, only regret for a mistake will remain. Here are some tips to help you shop wisely and not regret it.

Designing in the future is essential

When visiting a house or apartment, please ask yourself first if you find yourself living there after 15, 20 or 25 years. Let’s imagine that you are currently a single 30 year old, childless, and that your coveted property is in the heart of a Parisian fashion neighborhood, and a very intense nightlife … After 10 years, nightlife will always be present , but you, who will be 40 years old and maybe a child, will support these noises that seemed harmless to you 10 years ago?

A purchase is prepared in advance

Before you start buying you will need to assess or have assessed all the needs in terms of property price, financing but also the work you will be planning. When you integrate your property, if you had not planned the works budget or if you had calculated it wrong, it can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Seek advice from professionals

Before taking a tour of the landlord, consider taking a tour of the coveted neighborhood. Ask real estate agents, notaries, merchants or neighborhood residents. The first will inform you about real estate prices, but also about property or housing taxes imposed in the chosen location. The latter will guide you in neighborhood life, etc.

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Be methodical so as not to waste time!

Time is money. To be methodical means to prepare in advance a list of your requirements: balcony, chimney, garden, number of bedrooms, neighborhood, school, public transport… All your needs, without exception, should be listed before visiting . If you want an apartment at the foot of the subway and the first station is more than 10 minutes away, you are wasting your time. First, visit only properties that meet all your criteria. Release time will come after several months of fruitless searches.

Pay attention to every detail

During your visit, if you do not know much about this field, bring with you a friend who has some knowledge in the construction industry or who is a good craftsman. Beware of old goods sold without any obvious defects, this may seem dubious. Check electrical, plumbing, heating system, toilets. And ask for the real estate diagnostics that the seller has to offer you (asbestos, lead, termite, etc.). Do not worry too much about the decoration, it can be easily transformed. On the other hand, an old cough pot can cause astronomical costs!

Ask for quotes

If the apartment or house you are visiting requires work to be done, in general, it is better to plan an overall budget that includes that of work. In advance, get advice from an architect or construction professional to estimate the amount.

Make an offer to buy

If you are interested in the property, make an offer to buy, but without exaggerating: if your bid is too low, the property may overtake you. Find out in advance about the prices charged in the sector and adjust your offer according to these prices.

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Choose a broker and a notary

These two professionals will probably be the key elements in the success of your loan and subsequent purchase. Getting a home loan only against banking institutions is a bit of a hindrance. The real estate broker negotiates the loan throughout the year and he will get a reply within a few days, versus a few months if you do it yourself. An intermediary represents a cost, but the game is worth the effort! For the notary, that of the seller generally becomes that of the buyer, but nothing prevents you from having your notary at the time of purchase.

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