Hunters will count more to kill more

Under the snowy peaks, the battle of numbers rages. In Haute-Savoie, hunters, farmers and ecologists are confused about how many wolves and herds there are in the mountain pastures. According to the latest statistics from the French Biodiversity Office (OFB), in 2021, 74 wolves were spreading in the county’s mountains. Every year, the state authorizes the cutting of 19 The percentage of the population at the national level.

A situation unsatisfactory for the fishing world and the provincial federation of farmers’ unions (FDSEA). For them, pastoral life as a whole is in danger. Since the arrival of the wolf in 2009 on the Glières mountain range, This predator continues to cause problems in the heart of rural areasShe said Reporter President of the Hunting Federation, Andre Mugnier. The wolf is no longer a protected species. If nothing is done, this already tragic situation will only worsen. »

A wolf from Givaudan, France. flickr / Copy byCNnot available 2.0 / Loic Pencil

Hand in hand, hunters and farmers question estimatesOFB. They present a discrepancy of 30 % to 40 % between the given numbers and reality on the ground » : In 2021 we killed seven wolves in the department, but we must take at least 25 wolves a year if we want to maintain a manageable number and regulate the species. »says Andre Mugnier.

In the press , FNSEA The Hunting Federation increases its attacks to discreditOFB. A confrontation engaged and the poachers appeared to have scored their first victory, much to the chagrin of environmentalists.

270,000 euros in subsidies for fishermen

Because the constituency of Haute-Savoie, headed by a member of the Republic party and in the vicinity of Laurent Waquis, Marcial Seder, has given 270,000 euros in subsidies to the hunting association for the implementation of the Counting the Wolves campaign, Contrasted with thatOFB ». This public aid is in addition to the 650,000 euros over five years allocated by the Confederation of Provinces in addition to the 304,100 euros over three years from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region – a region whose contacts with fishermen no longer exist to prove it. .

What is even more surprising is that the state has also contributed €20,000 to this new project although it calls into question the work of its officials. Surrender to the sirens of farmers and head FNSEAChristian Lambert who confirmed it me’OFB Lying »Julian Dinormandy, then the agriculture minister, said he supported a recount of wolf populations.

Count more to kill more

This recount will now be carried out by hunters and farmers themselves, accompanied by wolf cubs. Subsidies from public authorities will allow the purchase of an abundance of technical means, photographic traps, thermal cameras, drones, voice recorders, as well as vehicles.

For hunters, the point of this number is quite obvious and presumed: it is a matter of determining a larger quantity to release more. I call this the real processShe said Reporter André Mugnier. We’ll see who’s at fault, but I think there are a lot more wolves than we’ve been told. This new number will allow us to sample more wolves. This will also challenge appreciationOFB at the national level. »

anglers; flickr / Copy byCNnot available 2.0 / Philip Drossen

In a press release, France Nature Environnement Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes exclaims: Money flows to wolf opponents »I wrote. With this scholarship, the state and the administration are humbled at workOFBsorry for its spokesperson, Roger Mathieu. They questioned the work done by 4,000 people in France and their method supported by scientists and CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). it’s a shame. »

At the center of the controversy were several issues: how would hunters assess the number of wolves and according to what methodology? ? Don’t they also risk being judges and parties ?

We have to stop this scientific approach »

Contrasted with this abundance of dissimilar technical means, with drones, etc., there is no methodology for assessing the importance, coherence and robustness of the process in scientific matters.Roger Matthew confirms. In no country there are no cameras or thermal recorders used to count wolves, they simply allow the study of their behavior. »

According to this specialist, who has been following about two dozen packages in the Alps for years, there are several risks of error with these technical tools: It is very difficult to distinguish one wolf from another on a video or photo. Wolves are not sheep in the barn. This is why we don’t count but appreciate. This is done through biological samples found on hair or feces, and genetic and statistical analyzes. »

But for hunters, this methodology does not seem to matter. I don’t care about geneticsAndre Mugnier drifts away. This question does not interest me at all. The presence of wolves is insurmountable and must be regulated. We must stop this scientific approach that makes it possible to gradually postpone the number of wolf specimens when there is an emergency today. »

France Nature Environment has already announced that it will reject fishermen’s numbers.

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