“I am connected to the world of sports.” Interview with artist Richard Orlinsky

May 10, 2022 at 7:50 am by Nicholas Toison

Richard Orlinsky defines himself as a “360 artist,” whose sport does not leave him unaffected in the creative process. Photos by Richard Orlinski

The NFT series just launched by Spanish footballer Andres Iniesta, he contributed to. The “Champions Match”, Tuesday evening in Lyon, in cooperation with UNICEF, he will participate, not without having made the second edition cups. The Formula 1 Grand Prix de France, scheduled for July, will once again be the source of the prizes awarded to the three winners on the podium.

If Richard Orlinsky is considered the most bankable artist in the country, then his side necessarily touches everything for the sake of something. Sport is a field that inspires and inspires athletes, for some of them, the personalities close to it. The next deadlines, football (World 2022), tennis (Davis Cup), or the Olympics planned in Paris grant him the desires he raises with us. maintenance…

Who is behind these NFTs with Andres Iniesta?

Richard Orlinsky: It was his bands who came to see me and suggested I do a joint job with him. The project, they already had before contacting me. They made designs, and I came to do the design for the very rare series.

New to working on NFTs?

Richard Orlinsky: never. I already launched my group with Binance (the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world), several drops, so I was already familiar. On the other hand, there is cooperation in this sector yes, it is.

Are NFTs the future of art?

Richard Orlinsky: Non-fungible icons are a way of transporting art into a virtual world, such as the metaverse. I’m still very attached to “physical”, because it remains real life. We eat, read, and drink in the real world, and not in another universe, so there is still an interest in preserving the physical aspect, but in reality, that is the future. It is something that is an integral part of art, but not only. This is also the case for video games, sports, and many other areas, which is what makes things so interesting.

You have many other collaborations with the world of sports, does this universe inspire you?

Richard Orlinsky: Yes, I am a 360 degree artist, and for me sports is part of the art. In football, when you look at a player without looking at his face, you can recognize his way of playing. There is a very artistic side. I am connected to the world of sports. I collect trophies for Formula 1, including the French Grand Prix, so I still have an appetite for the sport. It is also very complementary. Be it soccer, judo, rugby or tennis, there are bridges between all areas. I try to mix everything: sports, music and art. It is a virtuous thing. We cannot live without sports today.

Are you yourself an athlete?

Richard Orlinsky: Yes, I have been playing football since I was young. I did rugby, tennis, and a little bit of running, even if football and tennis remained prevalent. I appreciate the aspect of competition and self-transcendence. It goes beyond physical activity, something that plays on the psyche, which is very important.

What is your relationship with athletes? Are you close to some of the characters in particular?

Richard Orlinsky: Through my job, I have relationships with people from the world of sports, such as Teddy Reiner in judo, Karim Benzema, Presnal Kimpembe or Sergio Ramos in football. In many different disciplines, I think I have connections. I am more interested in football and, of course, know more football players. But it’s not just about sports. I just made a statue of Muhammad Ali. This is a new innovation, on the occasion of the launch of a project, in a legendary boxing gym.

For the French GPs, do you make different versions every year?

Richard Orlinsky: Yes, because that also changes, depending on the sponsor. One year, it could be Pirelli, the next year, Emirates … you have to adapt to the brand. I usually have an idea, and then we make changes based on those brands. When there is no sponsor, as will be the case this year I think, we can do something a little more summarizing. The idea is to find dynamic things that pilots are happy to wear at home. Awards often aren’t pretty, which is why I do a lot of them, whether it’s for music, a Bocuse d’Or (cooking), or for a bike race a couple of years ago.

What will happen to your event productions, such as Kong des Bleus at Euro 2016, in France?

Richard Orlinsky: Sold, Replayed, or Converted. There are also no rules. We are very open.

Do you reject projects?

Richard Orlinsky: Fill. This could be due to a lack of capabilities, time or will. There are things I don’t do, like trash and sex.. that’s just not my thing. I leave that to other artists. I want to do things that everyone can see.

Is there a sports-related project that particularly stands out to you?

Richard Orlinsky: I’ve done a lot, but now I’m holding the UNICEF trophy, for a charity, as part of the ‘Match of Champions’. The first was Marseille, last year, and this time in Lyon (this Tuesday at Groupama Stadium, editor’s note). I made the cup, and I find it fun because it’s for a good cause, for children all over the world, so I’m so proud of that. It is a noble cause that will delight me more than something that will have a commercial purpose.

How many people work with you?

Richard Orlinsky: 250

Besides the UNICEF project, are you on other upcoming projects?

Richard Orlinsky: I’m on a project with Qatar for the World Cup, we haven’t finished it yet, but it’s progressing fast. I also participate in the 2023 Rugby World Cup and other projects, such as the Davis Cup in tennis, or the 2024 Olympics.

Are you already into projects like the Olympics?

Richard Orlinsky: Yes, I had already made a sculpture by the time we won the nomination, and I gave a concert in front of the Paris City Hall for the occasion. I had also made a huge statue geared towards the Olympics. We’re looking at the event itself, because it’s something important.

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