“I deserve to be the first choice” – Shane Wright

This is easy to confuse with arrogance. The two sails are side by side in reality, not holding hands above an imaginary thin line. Wright gives the impression that he crosses it, this line, like a tightrope walker, without crossing it. It is an achievement for an 18-year-old girl who is full of talent, lovable and praiseworthy since childhood.

The handshake is firm, and the steel blue gaze is frank and direct and not shy about any question. The young man smiles. It’s already his third meeting of the day and the ball is just getting started. As for the written press, television or radio, he usually walks around in a man who knows how to do it. He knows tobacco, and for good reason.

He sits down and we have no choice but to tell him what jumps at us: his striking resemblance to Jonathan Drouin (please don’t send emails about this, editor’s note).

You know what, I’ve been told that so many timesHe says amused.

Jonathan looks good after allWe encourage him.

He has especially good handshe answers.

success. This, of course, excites him.

An interview with Shane Wright

On Tuesday night, Wright learned that Canadians had won the lottery and would be drafting their first overall. He politely declined his request to meet us that night – he was playing a North Bay playoff game – and put it off until the next day.

He doesn’t admit it, but it’s clear. In his head, Wright already sees himself with a blue, white, and red jacket on his back. He remembers the time, during a tournament in Montreal in the spring, when he visited the facilities of the Bell Center. The guided tour has fond memories.

Frontenacks in Kingston were called Canadians. There are a few banners of their pride hanging on the wall of the ring.

In my first year, we wore the old Kingston Canadiens jersey. You could say it’s a funny twist of fateWright notes.

Well, we won’t be embarrassed then. Another wink, the fact that CH will be speaking in the front row one year after his defeat in the Stanley Cup Final. Some did not see him place himself at the top of the pyramid in the medium or long term, but no one expected such a brutal fall.

That’s why when Wright’s coach Luca Capote called him into his office between the warm-up period and the start of the match on Tuesday, television turned off with the Canadians logo clearly visible, the young man smiled. From ear to ear it seems.

We had a momentand insures Capote met Wednesday noon before training his forces.

from which type?

You will stay between me and him […] But let’s just say it was one of those times when words weren’t necessaryhe explains.


Wright will be tied to CH at least through July 6. At least until the team appears on the podium. After that, the decision of the Montrealers will decide the rest Link.

You know it now, Wright is not unanimous. Some adore it and some doubt it. Recruiters and analysts are beginning to admit that he is not or is no longer at the top of their list. We like American Logan Cooley, even Slovakian Joraj Slavkovsky, who stunned the show at the Beijing Olympics.

Rumors are spreading fast and have just fallen into the echo chamber in Montreal. Wright is not immune to this.

It is about trust. When asked if it was important for him to get out first, Ontario answered:

This is very important to me. I think what I’ve accomplished in the last few years proves that I’m the best player in this draft. I deserve to be the first choice. I make it personal. I want to win everything, including getting out first and being the best player in this draft. I think this is where I belong. »

Quote from Shane Wright

Then he has the opportunity to explain why some scouts, in his opinion, are criticized for his lack of enthusiasm and competitiveness.

Don’t flinch. Only the eyelashes blink a little faster… apparently… not sure…

Honestly, I’ve never heard of that before. It’s the first time I’ve been told that. I’m competitive, I play hard. Obviously there will be nights where I won’t compete 100%. It is the nature of sport. You can’t be your best every night. may be. I can’t say honestlyWright falls.

If he shakes, he won’t let it pop up. You’d better be prepared for that with countless interviews with the teams waiting for him during physical trials in Buffalo in June. Not to mention the fiery journalists.

Luca Capote rather thinks that his style of play can sometimes give the impression that he takes things lightly.

Perhaps because he is a patient player at times. You can’t run at 100mph all the time, you’ll get burned before your second period. The game slows down so you can speed up when the time is right. It allows him to control the game with his intelligence. He makes sure everyone plays at their own pace, he’s in control of the tempo.

Pressure and the pandemic

So that Wright lays a layer. When he earned outstanding player status to begin his OHL career at the age of 15 – one of five players to have earned the franchise alongside John Tavares, Aaron Ekblad, Conor McDavid and Shawn Day – he was sometimes seen as a generational talent player. .

At least, his rating was higher than today; His status as a first choice for the 2022 draft appears to have already been earned. She was never questioned two months before the auction.

He claims to be Another generation talent.

I believe him. I still have a lot to learn and get better. But overall, with my game now and how I see it evolving, I still think I can become that player.Confirms.

Capote, not to be confused with an American composer with similar family music, speaks of him as a Superstar.

He agrees despite everything that the pandemic has hurt his young child, like all other young hockey players for that matter. An intellectual line, he said, to explain certain criticisms.

Wright has been virtually inactive competitively in 2020-2021. As captain, along with prodigy Conor Bedard, he led Canada to a gold medal win at the U-18 World Cup. The Burlington playmaker scored 14 points in 5 matches, including 9 goals.

Most of his training consisted of gym sessions, mock matches with players his same age, and figure skating. Lots of time on skis, in fact.

I love that. It’s the closest thing to ice skatingaccording to him.

Ice skating on the posh streets of Toronto suburbs. Like all young Canadian hockey players from coast to coast. Like when he was eight years old.

Now he’s 18, and if he was chosen by Canadians, he wouldn’t be far from the comfort that this little romantic vision of childhood offers.

It will be Montreal and its forecast. and compress it.

All my life, I’ve had to deal with pressure. I have always been in the spotlight. When the pressure is high, that’s when I get out and show my colors. I love pressure and welcome it with open arms and have gotten used to it over the years. »

Quote from Shane Wright

It can be useful.

So, Shane, where are you going to play next year?

In the NHL, I feel like this is where I need to be.

In Montreal or elsewhere. You have two months left to discuss it for your own happiness.

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