‘I left the easiest job for the hardest’: the secrets of David Cosette, the former sports commentator who became a hotelier in Heyer

On a sunny morning near La Cape, facing a sea of ​​oil and the silhouette of golden islands, the terrace of the Hotel Port offers a certain idea of ​​heaven on earth.

Sports journalist David Cosette and his wife have run this three-star establishment and its restaurant for two years.

Meet the man who has impressed several generations of basketball fans, before fans of good food rejoiced.

How is the summer season formed?
Not too bad. We are almost in place. We just need a server. We hope, finally, to have a full, peaceful year, with a stable team!

They took over the Burr Hotel before the covid pandemic. How did you go through this period?
And indeed, we opened our doors on March 11, 2020 and had to close… on March 14 due to confinement. For the first season, we were hoping for the best! Fortunately, even if the past two years have been tough on the regulatory side, they are still doing well economically.

Have you ever regretted this choice to enter the hotel and restaurant business?
No, because we were already aware that we were witnessing something surreal. It wasn’t like we screwed up. This life choice responded to a logic that soon eventually proved us right.

Why did you change your life?
I was a sports journalist for thirty years, a very special ‘basketball’. But I had this fear that one day, it would all stop, of being thanked for reason X or Y and finding myself with nothing. Same for my wife who worked at TF1. Hence this desire to keep our destiny at hand. But I didn’t think I’d be right so quickly: the channel I worked for, RMC Sport, lost basketball rights last year…

How did you end up in charge of the Burr Hotel?
Basketball story continues. For years, we’ve been going on family vacations to the Hôtel de la Plage in Le Lavandou, run by former basketball player Eric Cerase and his wife. They are the ones who gave us this idea. I thought to myself, if a basketball player can run a hotel and restaurant, then I can! Then we heard that the Burr Hotel was for sale.

Finally, last year, I’m back in sports commentary…
yes! One day when I was running on the salt road, the manager of Monaco Info called me to tell me that they were preparing to broadcast the Euroleague basketball matches in Monaco. And they want me. I made an impression that people thought of me. I did not hesitate.

Isn’t it addictive to reconcile these two activities?
no. I leave by car to the emirate after lunch. I don’t really feel like I’m going to work when I get stuck. I still get paid to watch top level matches in first grade!

The hotel business is business?
there yes. I was saying I quit the easiest job on earth for the hardest job. The hotel industry, once again, is good. But catering is a very difficult task in terms of management, customer satisfaction, supplier management…

Do you want to make it a reputable restaurant?
Yeah. With Kenzo Core, we are fortunate to have a talented and passionate young chef.

Aiming for the star?
I do not believe. It would scare me a bit I had a dose of challenges! I am very satisfied, indeed, with the fact that people are happy to come and eat seafood, by the sea, without being beaten.

Social networks are used a lot to promote your organization…
I love to piss off Paris friends with videos about the Mediterranean! In my first year, I remember photographing the Sea of ​​Oil on a sunny Sunday morning. As soon as the video is posted, I receive a phone call from Eric de Mico. he told me: “I’ll take the motorbike, reserve two seats for myself, and come to lunch with my partner”. Estelle Denise, same thing: You promised to come to me this summer.

Has it become a meeting place for people?
Let’s not exaggerate. Let’s say I do this with my assets, my network, and my little reputation. There are regular basketball players who come in. Axel Julian, Boris Diaw, Charles Kahudi, Vincent Poirier… TJ Parker wanted to leave, but I was sold out… This month, in the People category, we also have Kylie Minogue for an entire weekend. (Before going to Cannes, editor’s note). Very cheerful lady!

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