I proudly wore a Lafleur jacket when I was young

This week I met an aerospace enthusiast, Eric Martel, who was named President and CEO of Bombardier on March 11, 2020.

Sir Laurent Baudouin always taught him to be vigilant. At a very young age, he had to give a presentation to Mr. Laurent Beaudoin. Everything was going well and he was confident, until Mr. Baudouin asked him a question he didn’t know the answer to. From that meeting, he realized that he had to always be ready if he wanted to excel.

Where are you born?

I was born in Roberval, but at the age of two we moved to Giffard in the Quebec region.

do you have a sister.

My late parents Bernard and Denise and my sister Caroline, with whom I speak weekly, have been influential in my life.

How would you describe your father’s role?

We were a humble family, but dad always made sure nothing was lost in the house. He was always there to support me and give me the freedom to learn.

Your mother inspired you so much.

My mother was an assertive person, always teaching me that there are no problems; We had to find a solution and never give up.

How old were you in your first job?

From the age of nine until the age of 16, I had three ways to newspapers as a paperback and on Sundays I would hand out leaflets.

You have been very active.

The journalistic methods allowed me to get to school more comfortably to start my school day.

You love sports.

Yes, I liked to exercise according to the season of the year. For example, in the winter I played hockey at least two to three times a day. In the afternoon after school, I went with my friends to the outdoor skating rink near our house. After this session, I went home to do my homework and eat before returning to play competitive hockey in the arena.

I wore a Jay LaFleur shirt to the rink.

I am a young hockey player from antique Guy Lafleur. I was wearing his Remparts shirt and Canadian shirt.

You told me you mourned the death of the blond devil.

Guy LaFleur is my idol. Like me, Jay LaFleur was passionate about aviation.

Do you do summer sports?

Baseball, cycling and tennis were part of my daily life. However, I had to change my bike tires a lot, as I was spinning a lot on the go.

It was summer vacation at Lake Saint-Jean.

Yes and they were in Roberval. We went to our uncles and aunts to enjoy and do a lot of water sports.

The Lac Saint-Jean international crossing has left its mark on you.

When I was younger, I always went to the crossing, because we spent our holidays in Roberval. However, for a native of Roberval, I experienced one of the best moments of my career, when I headed the fundraiser for the 63rd edition of this prestigious event.

Your musical choices were quite diverse.

When I was young, I loved folk music, which helped me find a job. Today I added jazz and classical music.

Where did you study high school?

I attended the Collège Jean Eudes, which is located near the Colisée de Québec, then the Polyvalente de Beauport, Cégep de Limoilou and Université Laval.

What job have you created for yourself?

It all started in high school and then my career as a working student continued until I studied at Laval University in Electrical Engineering.

Were you a disc jockey?

I loved folk music. She worked at weddings and many other occasions. It was my little business.

Do you like reading?

I’ve always loved reading. Currently, I have less time to browse the book. When I was younger, I loved adventure books, including the Bob Moran series of novels.

You have a used Mercury Linux.

It was my first used Mercury Lynx when I started college.

I was a military student.

As a student pilot I flew for the first time in my life to Banff for summer camp.

I was responsible for 2,000 students.

I have occupied the highest level as administrator of 2000 students. Moreover, she learned the basics of life both with military cadets and in school.

It was difficult to leave Quebec to work in Montreal.

For the first two years, I went back to Quebec every weekend.

Where did you learn about team management?

No doubt my students are in the military, but also on the hockey and baseball teams that taught me to fit in with a group of friends.

Your children occupy an important place in your life.

My two daughters, Ann Sophie, an attorney, and Lawrence, who goes to McGill University, are serious girls, while my son Simon, a HEC graduate, is the family’s cheerleader. The beauty of my children is that they each have their own personality.

Your husband is the cornerstone of the family

My wife, who is an engineering graduate, has always been there for the kids due to my many careers outside of Quebec. She is an assertive woman who earned her Ph.D. in Psychology when she was at home with the kids.

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