Ids-Saint-Roch’s cat story goes wrong on social media: Five accused on the head

This is the experience of social networks, comments that are shared without reading them before. From the violence of the comments we make or that we “like”, while we think to absolve us of all responsibility…

In a village of Boischaut of 315 people, Ids-Saint-Roch, the idea of ​​Mayor Martin Forden in December 2019 led to the euthanasia of feral cats in her town to put an end to the inconvenience and hygiene problems. Like everything that can affect animals on social networks.

Petition, asking the mayor of Eds-St Roch not to euthanize stray cats, collects 29,000 signatures

Fans of the scribes then launched a Facebook petition titled: “The mayor of Eds Saint-Roch wants to mercifully kill the feral cats of his town. It produces more than 50,000 signatures, nearly 5,000 comments. Among these, several authors slip: one wrote that it is from The necessary “euthanasia of the mayor”.

Five people (one of whom is absent) were tried today, Wednesday, on charges of provocation that had no effect on the crime or misdemeanour, verbally, in writing, or in pictures, or by means of communicating with the public by electronic means. They ranged in age from 76, 63, 62, 57 and 28, with four women and one man. Not all of them are from Eds Saint-Roch. There is a daughter who “loves” her aunt’s post. Inhabitant of a nearby town. Also a legal expert. Some fought side by side against the city’s wind turbine project and the cat issue reawakened in their fight against the mayor of Eds Saint-Roch.

One feral cat advocate, who is at the helm of the leadership explains: “The use of the word euthanasia was a joke. I received the same comment on the petition, and did not realize the impact of it at the time. I specified the mayor’s name because in the petition many thought it was a man. Term” Euthanasia” was inappropriate, but I had no desire to kill her! Another accused less accurate: “I wanted to convey the cruelty of his decision in words to the person who made that decision. “She just sows death,” she wrote. I assume that without the intent of hurting him. »

He says the septuagenarian, who is not very familiar with the internet, also took part in what the attorney for the mayor of Eds-St Roch calls a “quarry,” a “sound board” that could be a social network like Facebook.
My comment was more about wind turbines than about cats. I wanted to do a kind word and bite my fingers. He believes that “how to treat it, perhaps with infrasound therapy” was a philanthropic idea.

Eds-Sain-Roch Mayor Martin Forden, a civic party on this issue, believes we are not there,” in the context of free speech. I was particularly moved by this call to murder that was launched. We simply cannot wish the mayor and someone dead. The death threat cannot be underestimated.”
A presiding judge asked the defendants if they would feel responsible, referring to the case of Samuel Baty (that teacher who cut his throat on October 16, 2020 in Iragne, Val d’Oise) if one of them had taken action: Three of the defendants said “in part”, and said Fourth, a succinct “no.”

The lawyer for the mayor of Eds-Sain-Roch highlighted “an undeniable prejudice”, as a result of the words that “may have caused facts that are likely to make him fear for his physical safety and life. The lawyer has demanded compensation of 10,000 euros. For its part, the prosecution, which does not stand Behind these actions, to the decision of the Bourges Correctional Court, under the 1881 Law on the Press.

Defense attorneys downplayed the scope of the act of “euthanize” directed at the mayor. Everyone demanded the release of the accused. Another lawyer insisted that “this case will be pschitttt”. A colleague brings up an election story… The decision was put under scrutiny on the 1st of June.


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