in Brutus and Conbin, the rich show their “alternative” lives.

But where do you have the word friend? In the house of Raw AND Konbini, is a hobby: to tell the daily life of thirty-some Parisians who have given up everything to fix a dilapidated hut, retire at the age of 30 or develop “low technology” into a raft off the coast of Thailand. Combining pure conscience and escape dreams, these “lifestyle” videos occupy a significant part of the production of these two media with claimed progressiveness. Who has not wanted to take everything away one day?

But here it is: changing your life is not free. It can even be considered that this is a sport of the rich. Sadly, this economic and social dimension is practically missing in the videos of our colleagues. In these short formats, where journalists’ questions are interrupted more often, distance has no place: by definition, they are direct, “raw” and decontextualized evidence, which no critical glance reveals. Problematic, when it comes to filming privileged people without saying it.

yes Raw also offers real social reporting – with videos like ” Living on the minimum wage “where” Marie-Laure transports isolated patients to hospital – However, the media won the pomp of intelligence on October 16, broadcasting the testimony of Viktor Lora. ” I am 33 years old and retired. “, Explains the follower of the Fire movement, for” Financial independence to retire early (“Financial independence, early retirement”).

The good man just saved and invested his money… ” I started to control my standard of living and then, when I started investing well, especially in the stock market, and realizing the power of savings, there I became completely drastic.he says. This means, even if you are used to going to restaurants, you hardly go there anymore, see your friends less, share accommodations, hardly go on vacation. “Like millions of students without money, finally…

With this change he said students do not save. ” When I started I was earning around 3000-4000 euros per month, so I was 21-22 years old at the time. (…) When I was 30 years old, my expenses were finally covered by my investments, in the stock market, in real estate and businesses I had on hand. », Tells our self-made man, without finding anything wrong with it. Why should you try to build a critical statement when network viewers can do so in the comments, thus generating more viewership for the videos? It’s beautiful, democracy …

in fact to ” retirement », Victor Lora is just a retiree. This does not prevent him from giving lessons – always without objection – explaining for example: ” There today, there is a real quest for freedom at last, to be able to be yourself, to take care of yourself, for your life, and to choose what your trajectory will be. Everyone for himself, and capitalism for everyone.

“I sold my castle to live in trees”

How beautiful and simple life can be after the individual is freed from materialism! Especially when a small initial bet lets you reconnect with your roots! This is the case of winemaker Eric Charmet, interviewed by Konbini on October 8, in a video titled: I sold my castle to live in trees “.” Being the owner of this castle for generations me and my family, it became extremely heavy. 2500 m2 roof for maintenance, plus twelve hectares adjacent to the vine … “, he says.

And to warm up, hello! ” I decided to sell it, but without landcontinues the veterinarian. It was also a desire to convey to my daughter things that seemed most essential to me. “Values ​​are important … especially when they make it possible to repaint in a green color so trendy that it is above all the earthly functioning of an heir. Eric Charmet lives in a 30 m2 cabin he has previously rented. Cost of operation: 70,000 euros. The modest innkeeper predicts it to have some accommodation, other cabins, to share these moments “.” Which is also an extra income He admits.

Others do not have that kind of hassle. This is the case of Joe Bagley, 20, interviewed by the same media on July 27. The young man allows himself a little fantasy: to live in his large apartment with… 1400 plants. ” When I go on vacation – I just got back from Australia – I persuaded a colleague to pay her to take care of the plants “, He confesses in front of the camera. And do not expect Conbin to ask how these eccentricities are financed: we’d better talk about tutors and trash. Because it’s important, nature!

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It was Corentin de Chatelperron who said it on October 29th Konbini. The young man has moved on a 70 m2 floating platform near a remote island in Thailand for four months, to develop vegan growth techniques and experiment with low technology. Corentin had not forgotten his HD camera to perpetuate his adventures and convey the experience gained.

We are entitled, as a bonus, to a ” speaking »Sedative, given as is:« Today, in fact, there are few who dream of going to colonize other planets, to travel in space (…). It is clear that we have the potential to make a big planet, and so I would like to invite all these billionaires to stop throwing money out of the planet window. Corentin de Chatelperron now lives in a laboratory boat, called the “Low Tech Lab”. The boat has nothing to do with an improvised raft: it is a wonderful catamaran, everything that is more “high-tech”. ” We have been around the world for almost six years calls Robinson volunteer. Let’s bet that, for this eco race, low tech followers have sold their GPS for a sextant.

“Not big to put 20,000 euros in a house”

But there is no need to navigate to indulge in the joys of detachment and authenticity: like Philippe, 32, and Pierre, 28, we can tell their 850,000 subscribers on TikTok. A hat on his head and a shirt with squares on his back, the latter told the story of his collective undertaking to renovate three houses in Auvergne on Konbini, on October 23rd. ” We bought these three houses for 54 thousand euros he exclaims. A morsel of bread! And to add: We said to ourselves: “The first year we have set ourselves a goal: we do not exceed 20 thousand euros”. For me it is not big to put 20,000 euros in a house you paid 54,000 euros. »

However, remember that Konbini did not consider it necessary to do so, as the French quarter with the highest financial wealth saved on average a little over 10,000 euros in 2020, while 25% of families with the lowest wealth could save only 218 euros, according to figures of INSEE. . Ceasefire with details: as Pierre says, the main thing is to ” to please yourself “.

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They did not hesitate after the closures: they are these ” teleworkers who left France because of Covid “, He stressed Raw on March 19th. ” This isolation completely changed my personal life, my professional life and I moved to Bali.proudly announces Justine, marketing consultant. Realizing that I had the opportunity to work online and that I could do it on the other side of the world really accelerated all of this and I gave myself this opportunity to go and work there. ‘stranger. »

Wealth is less painful even in the sun. Lisa, a business start-up trainer, left for Costa Rica. ” The peculiarity of this coworking is that everyone works barefoot she says, MacBook in hand. Sophie, a yoga teacher in Thailand, concludes: ” Sounds like the real stereotype of the girl working on a tropical island, but if I do not drink my coffee when I work, I am entitled to my fresh coconut. »It remains to be seen who Raw highlighting this most often Parisian youth, compatible with the spirit of the original nation and part of globalization, if not with the same part of the population …

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