In the world of young firefighters

After winning the hearts of young readers with his series hackers in computer hacking, Isabelle Roy invites them to discover the world of firefighters in her new series, burned. The writer offers Third degree, the ending of this trilogy where there is a lot of action and strong emotions. She wrote it at a difficult time when she was battling cancer.

At the end of this series, Sam, the hero of the story, has finally graduated from the National School of Firefighters and started his first job at a fire station. He is happy to fulfill a childhood dream and reunite with his friend Justin.

The alarm will not be long gone and the two accomplices have been called in to put out some fires in the city. An arsonist is at work and Sam, assisted by his girlfriend Noémie, will try to find the culprit.

Isabelle Roy enjoyed writing this exciting saga where the characters experience intense moments. She asked many questions to her husband Alex, who is a firefighter. Its publisher, Arnaud Foulon, gave him the idea.

“The selection process is complex and the school is very difficult. I was really happy to be immersed in it. In volume 1 the hero enrolls in the school of firefighters, in volume 2 he is in school and in volume 3 he becomes a firefighter. »

“I was really lucky to have mine of love Alex who was able to answer hundreds of my questions! In the meantime he became a lieutenant and it is something he likes very much. It really was fun to talk about it with him. Isabela turned to a barracks to examine everything carefully, “especially the truck! ” she said.

The danger

She found this fascinating universe. “I realized that I knew very little about my job. of love, the profession of firefighters. Being in the heat, in the fire is dangerous, but for him it is a daily affair. This job is very special. »

The first and second volumes were very well received by readers.

“I had a lot of messages from young people who liked it a lot. Some are interested in becoming firefighters and others enjoy reading an action book. I think this is my point: I write my books as if they were action movies. »

Cancer at the same time

In addition, the writing of the trilogy did very well to Isabelle Roy, who was diagnosed with cancer in June 2019, at the age of 34 years.

“It was a real shock,” he said. I had started writing burned – I had written a chapter. »

She decided to remove the book to do the first year of treatment and then write it down. Then he had to do another year of treatments.

I thought there might not be a pass … I said to Alex, ‘I’re going to write the book, I’re going to write an hour a day and I’re going to do what I can,’ because I’m still tired. ” I’re going to do it. my treatments and so on. “»

She wanted to write the book, about him. “It did me a lot of good … It’s a universe that is like that fun and those were not my problems. These were not my dangers. The last volume is my favorite and I spoiled myself to do as much action as possible. »

Shortly thereafter, she learned that she was in forgiveness. “It really was a Walt Disney story. I’m fine today. I started working again. I had time to write another series called glory : two teenagers who want to penetrate the world of hip-hop in Quebec. »

  • Isabelle Roy wrote the popular teen series hackers.
  • The Kennes publishing house, in France, bought the rights to broadcast the series in Europe. Volume 1 comes out in Europe at the same time as volume 3 in Quebec.
  • She is currently writing a new series that takes place in the world of hip-hop.


Isabelle Roy

It will become a habit, Noémie observed, sitting on the bench.

“I like it here,” Sam said.

They had arranged to meet at the snack bar for lunch. Sam had so much to do with burning trees that he barely had time to sleep. When he returned to the barracks, he and his friends had spent several hours washing their uniforms and putting everything in order.

“I’m hungry, I’m going to eat an elephant,” Sam said, looking at the menu Nicole had brought them. »

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